History of Architecture

Tracing the changes of architecture throughout history begins with one considerably basic need, shelter, and protection. It could be said architecture began around the time when people stepped out of their caves and progressed into deciding how they wanted their homes to be built. During this time, the design was not aesthetically appealing but served a more practical purpose using rock to build a shelter. However, as time progressed, architecture became the design, the core look of buildings, such as stonewalls surrounding the monarchy of medieval times, the pyramids, and a sacred place to preserve bodies amongst the many past and present works to come.

With the first settlements of architectural development in the Middle East, the material used was sun-baked clay bricks. Brick is a core building material used today. Timber, granite, iron, stone, limestone, glass, asbestos, steel, amongst many other materials developed over time, also became what is used today. Coming with the invention of concrete, allowed Romans to build arches, domes, and the Colosseum. It was in the Renaissance era; the construction developed into more of a Gothic look, in a then quite stylish piece of art. This created the foundation for eye-pleasing décor, unique design, and architecture to become a profession.

As many people look upon the historic beauty created over time it is an astounding accomplishment to Shalom Lamm. The progression over the years in the field of Architecture has truly given us the opportunity to reflect upon and enjoy both past and present works of art.

Although the world would build in completely different manners throughout history, they would become the leaders of picturesque design, cultural representation through statues and monuments, all leading to different types of architecture. Byzantine, Medieval, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Modern, and Contemporary all carry a timeline of progression in architectural design.

Looking back, homes built from rock were one of the starting points in the field of architecture after dark caves. The visions became a plethora of talent, as the world sees the buildings, skyscrapers, monumental designs we see today in all aspects of the modern-day. The progression is phenomenal.

To think that prehistoric ancestors are considered the pioneers of architecture is incredible. The ingenuity of the time was truly forward-thinking, carving out rock to create warm and safe spaces. These types of homes still exist today. They are not only beautiful sites but give one the ability to engulf the imagination into the architecture of long ago, creating a new appreciation for the history.

Shalom Lamm is simply fascinated with the true works of art that have come through the years. The modern-day structures and outstanding design we see today are all due to the very first architects who did not realize they were creating works of art. As architecture progressed, the world has been given beauty through design, structure, and indescribable creativity. Today’s buildings are given the opportunity to use high technological materials which is certainly advantageous. This fact makes it worth taking a trip back in time to see how far architecture has come.

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