Guide to Types of Abrasive Cleaners and Using Them Right

When there is a build-up of dirt that does not go away, you go for abrasive cleaning instead of applying more force. There are different abrasive cleaners, and each is made for different situations. 

It is essential to know each type of abrasive cleaner used to ensure effective function. Improper use or use of harsh abrasives can cause more harm than good. It is also important that you ensure safe use of the abrasives. 

Types of Abrasive Cleaner and How to Use Them

Dry Abrasive

They are also known as powdered abrasives. It is more common as a household cleaning agent and more as a dishwashing agent. Its cleaning actions are because of the ingredients used to make it; quartz, silica, calcite, and other minerals. It also contains surfactants, which are responsible for removing greasy. 

How/ When to Use Dry Abrasives

  • Use dry abrasives you want to get rid of oily/ greasy surface
  • Use dry abrasive as a bleach and cleaning agent to get rid of stains, rusts and food residue

Wet Abrasive

Wet abrasive is having dry abrasive particles in liquid form. It contains the same content as a dry abrasive but in more quantity and less concentration. It is not as harsh as the dry abrasive.

How/ When to Use Wet Abrasives

  • It is preferable to dry abrasives for greasy situations
  • Use wet abrasives for milder stains.

Disinfecting Abrasives

Disinfecting abrasives are commonly known as disinfectant/ household bleach. Disinfecting abrasives contain antimicrobial chemicals to get rid of bacteria alongside the dirt. The microbial chemicals include quaternary ammonium, sodium hypochlorite and the like.

DIsinfecting Abrasives not only gets rid of the microorganism it also curbs/ reduces their growth. 

How/ When to Use Disinfecting Abrasives

  • Use disinfecting abrasives after cleaning with non-disinfecting products.
  • You can use disinfecting abrasives together with a cleaning agent 
  • Commercial cleaning agencies should use disinfecting abrasives in their works.

Abrasive Tools

Abrasive tools include scouring pads, sponges, stones and scrubbies. These abrasive tools are used with abrasive solutions for effective function. And they are mostly used for shiny effects and removal of hard surfaces.

Many abrasive tools used to be made of disintegrating materials, so, as time went by and with continued use, they disintegrated until you were left with almost nothing. But newly abrasives are now made of materials that cannot easily disintegrate (plastics, nylon, stainless steel wire, and the likes).

How/ When to Use Abrasive tools

  • Use abrasive tools with an abrasive solution to get rid of a stubborn stain
  • You can use abrasive tools to scrub particles off surfaces.
  • Use abrasive tools to scrub off surfaces with accumulated dirt (like that present in your oven and barbeque grills)

Note: Be careful while using abrasive tools to damage and wear out your surfaces.


Some abrasives can be interchanged, while you can use some together. Use each abrasive according to the purpose of your cleaning. Be careful of sensitive or fragile surfaces so that you do not disfigure beautiful surfaces when using abrasives on them.

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