Guide to Living Green in the City

The City. A place that is filled with wonderful things: Bright lights, shops, restaurants and of course the nightlife. But, all of those things come with atolland one that is not always positive. Our health is of great importance and so many people take it for granted. The constant fumes and pollution that invade the air we breathe is much higher when living in a city, therefore we must make strives to at least try and live as Green as we can. How can we do this? Here are a few tips to help.

Commute the Old Fashion Way

There are so many vehicles buzzing around in large cities; busses and taxis, personal cars and bikes. How about taking a moment to choose another method of transportation such as riding a bike, walking or even carpooling, this way we can help to cut down on multiple vehicles emitting more and more fumes into our environment. Some larger cities have different commuting systems to aid with this, such as Uber pool or Car2go. If where you want to go is a little too far to ride a bike or walk, then maybe one of those options would be great for you. Any little thing can aid our journey to livemore green.

Farmers Markets

One of my absolute favorite things about larger cities is that they have smaller inner communities which tend to have local Farmers markets where you can go and buy fresh vegetables and meat. You may ask why this is significant, the answer is locally farmed and raised. Most of the foods in our grocery stores have traveled far distances just to make it to the shelves. By choosing to purchase your goods at a farmers market you are supporting your local economy allowing these people to keep producing fresh food for themselves and others.

Living Space

Some people look at living green as keeping things fresh, clean and simple. In a lot of cases,this is true. Keeping things simple and fresh, keeps things clean, thus your environment isn’t as full of unnecessary things. Add some plants to your living space to help filter the air you breathe. If you find during the cold seasons that the air in your home is a little dry and you have flu-likesymptoms, then consider a humidifier to add more moisture to the air thus relieving our senses. You can check out some cheap humidifiers here. Remove the clutter that is collecting dust and particles that only negatively affects what we breathe in. We can’t control how clean our city is, but we can at least keep our homes that way, 


Recycling is one of the oldest things to be directly related to all things ‘green’. There are so many of us just toss our recyclables in the trash because we simply do not want to be bothered with sorting. We need to make a conscious effort to fix this. The more we recycle the less waste we have. Grab some friends and walk about, take it upon yourselves to encourage others to recycle and next time you go shopping, look for items that have been recycled into new things such as furniture or bags. Support the cause.


A while back I was visiting a friend in a nearby city and as we were walking around exploring we came across a community garden. It was the neatest thing. All of these people came together to plant produce in their own sectionsbut worked together to keep everything maintained and health. What a great way to create a community within a city as well ashadfreshlygrown vegetables. The more we grow ourselves the more we grow the environment, whoever thought of incorporating such a thing right in the center of a massive city truly was a visionary.

Gardening at Home

In the city, the livingspace is usually limited. That’s why a vertical garden would be an excellent idea for growing your own small veggies and fresh herbs at home. A vertical garden can be purchased online or you can even make your own! A few 2L pop bottles, some string, and fresh soil arereally all you need to get started. Not only is this a space saving idea, but it helps lower your carbon footprint by reusing plastic materials.


You may live in a city, but that simply does not give you the excuse to not live green. Living green can have not only an impact on your life but to those around you as well. Be an advocate of living green and spread your knowledge with as many people as you can. If we all take a step in the green direction we would see great things happen. Cleaner cities, cleaner air, cleaner lives.

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