Fun Things To Do With Your Hydroflask

For a lot of people who regularly have their hydroflasks with them wherever they go, their bottles have become an extension of themselves. That means that it’s an amazing opportunity to showcase your personality and brighten your own mood by customizing and decorating your hydroflask.

There are a lot of ways for you to decorate your hydroflask, so we wanted to share a few of those along with some suggestions of how you can show off your personality with your own bottle..


Hydroflask stickers are the most common form of customization since you can find stickers for basically anything under the sun. You can even choose unique types of stickers such as holographic stickers or custom cut stickers with your own designs.

There are many stickers printing companies that can include a lot of your unique designs or designs that you find online that you want to use.


A super simple ande easy way is to attach a bracelet to the hook of your hydroflask. If you have a special friendship bracelet or a casual, fun bracelet you want to show off, those are great options for a quick customization

Rhinestones and Crystals

Another simple way is to hot glue some rhinestones or crystals on your hydroflask. A super inexpensive option for anyone with a hot glue gun since you can get a lot of fake stones and crystals for super cheap at any crafts store, or even many dollar stores. You can also use real rhinestones and crystals if you want to add a bit more sparkle.


Using acrylic paint is a great option for a quick way to customize your hydroflask. An amazing way to go about this is to pencil in your design, then use small brushes to get the fine details of you design on your bottle.

The paint will wash off eventually, so you can even go with different designs later down the road as the original painting fades.

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