Font Clock

Font Clock – by London designer Sebastian Wrong – features a flip mechanism and displays the date and time using a combination of 12 different fonts. The clock comes in three sizes. A tabletop version, which just displays the time, and two larger wall-mounted versions, which also display the date and day of the week.

Wrong based his Font Clock on Grayson calendar clocks, which were often found on the walls in public buildings before digital clocks became commonplace.

“The initial inspiration behind the idea was the classic Grayson flip clocks that you found in post offices and doctor’s surgeries and stations, it was a nice object that was mounted on the wall and had a sound to it. I was always drawn to this.”

Wrong chose an eclectic mixture of 12 different pre-existing fonts to identify the time and date, with a focus on 20th-century type families such as Franklin Gothic and Helvetica.

“Very occasionally, the clock displays the time and date in a uniform font. But most of the time it shows a combination of different styles. It’s just an ongoing random thing, which is never the same, there’s always something different every minute. I think that’s nice. There is apparently a moment when the different fonts are all synchronised. But I’m not sure exactly when that is!”

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