Flaca ~ A Stainless Steel Lamp Focused on Sustainability

I think by now we’re known for our love for minimal lamps. Flaca which is affectionately named after the Spanish word for “Skinny” is not only a beautiful minimal lamp but also eco-friendly. Using only a fraction of energy the common household light bulb uses and the ultra thin “pop-up” style from 6 ounces of stainless steel make this lamp something we drool over. Love it!


Its stainless steel structure not only looks and feels light, it also has minimal waste of material. The illumination system of Flaca, based on LED technology, require only 6 watts, 10% of a common light bulb.


Flaca was designed to be very easy to assemble, in only 5 steps it is ready to use. There is no need of tools, it is easily bendable with bare hands and the LEDs have auto-adhesive tape to stick them permanently to the structure. The height of the lamp can be adjusted when assembled, to set it to its most convenient position to be used.


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