Five Ways to Childproof Your Home in 2022

There are countless things to worry about and prepare for when you have a child. It’s also essential to When you have a child, there are myriad things to worry about and prepare for. It’s also important to remember that you are human, and mistakes happen! But if you take these measures, your home will be safer but it will be more kid-friendly. Whether it is making sure a child won’t get electrocuted, having their toys organized, or getting a washable rug, many things can be done to have still a home that feels cute and put together while also making sure it is safe for your child.

One significant investment when getting a child is a washable rug because having a rug is great for kids to play on, but it prepares you for when life happens. For example, a sippy cup falls over, or your child becomes overzealous with their markers. Keep reading to learn some different tips on childproofing your home.

Cover Cords and Outlets

One essential part about having a child is making sure outlets are covered. Of course, you can get unique childproof covers, so they will not be harmed. But if you have outlets on the floor, you can also easily cover them (and cords!). It will allow the area to be still usable, and we all know once a toddler starts crawling or walking, they like to get around as much as possible!

Check Your Furniture!

It’s also essential to make sure your furniture is safe for kids- often, screws or nails or wood can be sticking out, or there can be unsafe places they can put their hands or mouth. This also goes for floors- not all hardwood or stone floors are even. If there is a spot that is not safe for children to crawl, a washable rug can be perfect for making it childproof. But don’t forget to secure furniture, so your children are okay! Unsecure furniture can cause children to fall and get hurt, and it’s not unusual for a child to grab a stool or table for balance when learning to crawl. Secure everything, so they stay safe and happy!

Make Floors Safe

Floors can be hazardous for kids, but a rug will make it safer for them. With a rug, your child will be more comfortable- whether to crawl, play with their massive pile of toys, or spill anything and everything on it. It is safe for your child to have a washable rug on the floor, but it’s also safe for your floor. Kids can do significant damage. If you have carpet and are worried about stains (since you can’t throw your carpet in the dryer!), a washable rug is a great option to protect your house from whatever juice or food your child may be eating or artwork they feel like creating. It can also safeguard hardwood and stone from children making permanent artwork with their markers or causing actual damage by being too rough. Essentially, this washable rug will not only protect your child but will also protect your house. 

Put Them Anywhere!

One of the best advantages of washable rugs is how versatile they are. There are so many different designs and sizes that you can put them anywhere. You can put them under their crib or bed, at the door so they can wipe their feet when they come inside the living room, or even their playroom (I recommend covering it in toys if you choose this path). They are lovely cotton rugs to be comfortable for your child, and although your home may look less stylish than it did before with baby gates and toys everywhere, you will be able to keep your style. With so many to choose from, you cannot go wrong!

The House is Their Playground

Once you have a child, your life will revolve around them. From parenting books to locked cabinets to childproof doors, you will make every decision based on your child. The house will look like a child lives there, but that does not mean it cannot look good at the same time. With a washable rug, you will enjoy more of your moments with your precious child and less time calculating how much you are dipping into your savings to replace whatever was damaged. So childproof your home by making sure your furniture is secure and safe, covering those outlets, securing your cords, and throwing rugs everywhere! People will be amazed by your parenting skills when they see how clean your fashionable carpets are, but it will be your choice whether you reveal your secret that their play rug just came out of the wash this morning.

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