Fence Installation: Should You Hire a Professional or Go DIY?

Warm weather is on the horizon, which means many homeowners will start to consider buying and installing a new fence on their property. A new fence has significant benefits to homeowners, including an increase in the value of their home, and many people consider saving money by installing the fences themselves.

While DIY fencing is growing in popularity, many quickly find that it would be easier to hire an Illinois Fence installer. There are benefits to both DIY and professional fence installation, so it is important for homeowners to research which option suits their needs best. Below are some of the main reasons why professional fence installation is the way to go.

A Question of Security

There are many critical things to consider when building a fence, including weather, geography, soil composition, incline, and more. These factors all have an effect on how secure a fence is after it is built. Fences that are installed improperly may sag, making it so gates and hinges no longer align where they should.

A sagging, improperly installed fence does not provide proper security and safety. It leaves a person’s property vulnerable. A professional fence installer will know which factors are most important and how to install a fence properly in light of them.

DIY Takes Time

While DIY projects can be fun, they often take up a lot of a person’s free time. Homeowners who do not want to sink their nights and weekends into installing a fence may want to consider hiring a professional. If they attempt to install it on their own, they could be looking at a project that takes weeks to finish.

Professional fence installers have the staff, skills, and tools necessary to get the job done quickly. Rather than spending their valuable time on fence installation, homeowners can let professionals take care of it in a fraction of the time it would take them to do it on their own.

Installing a Fence is Labor-Intensive

Many homeowners love a good DIY project and will delight in adding their own personal touch to their property’s fence. However, anyone who is less excited by getting their hands dirty may not enjoy installing their own fence.

The truth is that installing a fence is no easy task, so homeowners who are not familiar with that kind of work may be facing quite a challenge. Professional fence installers have experience and equipment that help them install fences in all kinds of weather, so homeowners never have to lift heavy fence materials or dig post holes.

DIY Fences Do Not Come with a Warranty

DIY fencing is an excellent option for those who have a knack for building already. However, there are never any guarantees for the installation or quality of workmanship with DIY fence installations.

Professional fence installers will offer a warranty outside of whatever comes standard with the materials. They often offer guarantees that cover the fence for one or more years, so homeowners can enjoy functional and aesthetically pleasing fences for much longer than they would if they installed it themselves.

Professionals Have Superior Materials

When homeowners choose to install a fence themselves, they will have to get all the materials and tools needed at a local fence or hardware store. Unfortunately, these stores usually have limited options available, so they are not able to branch out from the mainstream fencing options.

Professional fence installation companies typically have access to a much wider variety of fence materials. These materials are usually better quality than what is available from the average store, plus homeowners do not have to worry about hauling them once they are purchased.

You May Need a Building Permit

Installing a fence sometimes requires more than just the materials, tools, and labor involved. Homeowners often do not realize that they need to have a permit to build fences on their properties. Many areas require a permit to build anything on a property, not just building structures.

Professional fence installers in the area will know if there are permit requirements in the area and will be well-versed in what a homeowner is allowed to do. A professional will ensure the fence is compliant with local regulations, sturdy, and secure. Hiring a professional fence installer means homeowners do not have to spend their valuable time researching local building codes to see what they are allowed to do on their properties.

Maintenance is Easier with a Professional Installation

Fences, like most other parts of a person’s property, require maintenance to protect their longevity andboost the property’s value. A homeowner who has installed a fence themselves may have a harder time taking care of it long term, including general care and repairs when they are needed.

A professional fence installer will work with the homeowner to ensure they are installing a fence that requires a level of maintenance that the homeowner can handle. Fencing companies will use the best possible materials so that there are minimal repairs needed down the road. Additionally, professional fence companies can be available quickly should anything happen to their customers’ fences.

Installing the Fence Correctly the First Time

Installing a fence requires more expertise than many homeowners may realize. Modern, aesthetically pleasing fences are made from a mix of high-quality materials. Correctly installing these fences requires experience and a mastery of fence installation skills.

Many homeowners choose to install fences themselves to lower the cost of the installation. However, installing fences on their own may end up costing them more down the road. Many DIY fence installations are more susceptible to damage or are misaligned during the installation, which could require the help of a professional to fix. Now, these homeowners are paying the same amount or more to solve these issues that could be avoided by hiring a professional from the start.

The Bottom Line

Many people who own homes become interested in DIY projects around the house over time. While it is not impossible for homeowners to install a fence themselves, a professional fence installation company can get the job faster and guarantee perfect results. Homeowners who are not the type to take on construction projects for fun should seriously consider hiring professional fence installers to install the fence on their properties.

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