Bringing European Elegance and Minimalism to Your Home

From Madrid to Milan, it’s no surprise that European culture dominates fashion and design trends. The simple, styled fashion that comes from the continent is popular the world over, and is gaining more accessibility thanks to more retailers stocking European brands and styles. So, how do you go about introducing gorgeous European pieces into your home? With minimalist décor, it’s hard to decide what’s worth replacing, and what you want to keep. Many minimalists have a strict one in, one out policy. If you want to start bringing European culture into your home, you need to decide what can be taken out, and what you what to bring in. Once you’ve decided that, you can start spreading the unique continental style throughout.

Introduce new styles with lighting

Choosing new lights is often the easiest way to introduce a new style or piece of furniture into your home. Despite styling your interiors in a minimalistic way, adding new light features never looks overcrowded or overdone. You’ll simply be creating more light, as well as a new style. Opting for Artemide lighting is a good way to start. This brand, a pinnacle of Italian design, has some stylish, sophisticated light fixtures for you to try, both free-standing and ceiling installations.

Break the rules with arts and antiques

While this might go against your minimalist instincts, investing in one piece of artwork can massively upscale the elegance and sophistication of your room. Choose something you love, and something that suits the existing color schemes. Plus, find a big, stand-out frame. That way you can pose the picture as a statement piece, like many Europeans do in their homes. Or, start scouring antique shops, and try to find genuine pieces that will fit with your clean, clear décor. Coffee tables, small bookshelves and bedside tables are often good choices, and you won’t have to spend the earth to bring them home.

Upgrade your furniture

Now, this is a pretty expensive option, so unless you were already planning a redecoration spree, it might not be for you right now. European couches are something else, especially those made from Italian leather. They’re an investment to make, but they’ll last for your entire lifetime, and can become a gorgeous piece to hand down to other family members.

Add texture – on a grand scale

Most European homes are filled with different textures, merging and meshing as rooms meet. So, to bring a touch of this into your property, look at updating your floors, or introduce a shock of wallpaper. Don’t worry, you can keep this within a minimalist style. Just make sure that it’s the only breakaway piece of bold, loud fabric or flooring. Enhance it with suitable furniture and soft furnishings in muted tones. Or, if you’re ready to make a grand statement, add a whole new element to your home, look at installing oak beams. Fixing an old oak beam across a room or two can add a dramatic but simplistic new depth to your style and property.

Lucy has been working in the fashion industry for six years. A dedicated follower of all things fashion and beauty, she is passionate about new industry developments. Lucy is now a full time freelance fashion writer.

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