Effective Techniques To Restore An Old Kitchen

Before undertaking any restoration, work you will need to decide what you are trying to achieve. It is possible that you want to keep all the original features and keep the kitchen looking like it was when it was first created Of course, you may also want to eliminate all traces of its origins and make it modern, without ripping the entire kitchen out. The good news is that it is possible.

 Start With Paint

The simplest way to transform any space, including your kitchen, is to get out a tin of paint. You can choose any color paint you want but it is advisable to choose one designed for kitchens and bathrooms. This paint will stay on the walls better even in humid environments.

It is important you scrub the walls first to remove grease and then sand the surfaces before painting them. This will give you the best possible finish and instantly transform the room.

Custom Joinery

If you’re not interested in ripping all the units out then you may want to design a specific feature for your new kitchen. It’s best to use a specialist, such as this specialist in custom kitchen joinery Gold Coast. They will be able to create any piece you want, in the style you want. All you have to do is chat with them and share ideas.


Potentially the most important part of the kitchen renovation is the countertops. It should be possible to remove these and replace them with something more modern or to your taste.

Change Cupboard Doors & Handles

You can keep the original doors. But, if you want to transform your kitchen properly and modernize it then you need to look at replacing the doors. They are very easy to remove and the new ones should use the same hinge system. This allows you to choose the cupboard doors and really influence the feel of the room.

At the same time make sure you select some modern handles to go on the doors.

You can change the cupboards or even get some custom-made ones. This will be essential if you plan to change the layout of your kitchen. You can buy cupboards from your local store but to get a truly modern and stylish kitchen you’ll want to get them custom-made.

The Lighting

Your next step is to evaluate the light in the room. Your kitchen needs to be bright to help you see as you cook. The existing light can be replaced with a new one or you may want to transform the lighting system and add wall lamps or even convert it all to downlighters.

Kitchen Floor

Most kitchens have tiled floors that are practical as well as stylish. However, if yours is aging it’s time to replace it. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can remove the old tiles to replace them or simply add new tiles on top of the old ones.

This doesn’t take long to do and it does transform your kitchen space.

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