Easy Tips To Cut Down The Cost Of Home Renovation

The booming economy and vibrant lifestyle of big cities are crowd pullers. But due to the high housing costs, people living in smaller towns often let their dream of settling in bigger cities take a backseat. However, smaller cities offer them a midway. 

In smaller cities, people get a better standard of living without having to burn their savings. Smaller cities like Spokane offer several opportunities to the youngsters. Furthermore, their favorable real estate scene makes it easy for people to buy a large property and call it home. 

If you have found a home in a small city like Spokane, naturally, the next step is home renovation. Although the cost of property and services of a real estate agent Spokane or any other small city are quite nominal as compared to big cities, you may not be willing to pay a hefty sum on a renovation. In that case, you need to plan your renovation wisely.

Here is how you can cut down the cost of home renovation.

  • Calculate the average cost of renovation before commencing it 

The total cost of a renovation project depends on various factors, including what room you are renovating, what changes you are introducing, how much you are spending on the materials, etc. 

Before you get on board with the renovation project, calculate the average cost beforehand to avoid unwelcoming surprises and maintain an upper hand on the project. 

  • Consider the value of the home while planning the renovation 

Before going ahead with the renovation, consider the renovation cost against the value of your home. Spending more than 15 percent of the total value of your home into renovating one room is not the right way to go about it. 

Being calculative here can save your money while also increasing the overall value of your property. 

  • Divide the renovation project according to priority 

After spending a great deal of money on buying a house, it is wise to go slow on the renovation. Instead of renovating your entire home, prioritize specific renovations. For instance, if the kitchen is in poor condition, you can stall the renovation of other rooms. 

If you want to renovate the entire home, chalk out a plan based on priority. Step-by-step renovation requires less money upfront. 

  • Get into the details 

Once you have figured out a rough budget, get into the details. Take the cost of labor, fixtures, materials, appliances, plumbing, flooring, electrical fittings, etc., into account. Having a detailed budget will keep you from spending unnecessarily during the project. 

  • Choose the right contractor 

Just like selecting the right real estate agent is important to buy a good property, having the right contractor is essential to get a quality renovation. A good contractor brings peace of mind. You know that your home is in good hands and everything will be taken care of. 

Moreover, a good contractor always considers your needs in mind while carrying out the project. Hence, to get quality work, make sure you hire a well-qualified and experienced contractor. Meet multiple contractors before finalizing the one. 

  • Keep yourself prepared for emergencies 

Even if you have meticulously planned everything ahead of time, renovations have a way of surprising you. Hence, always set aside some extra cash to deal with unexpected expenses. Keeping 10 to 20 percent of the total cost of the renovation project will be ideal. 

The bottom line 

Renovations become easy if you have a detailed plan in hand. So, plan ahead of time, take your time to research more cost-saving ideas, look for the right contractor, and watch your dream home take its shape. 

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