Downsizing in Your Golden Years

When the kids were little, your house was filled with shouts, laughter, and the patter of so many sets of shoes. Now, with everyone at college and entering the workforce, you find that the only steps are your own. … And they echo. It’s a little too much space for two adults, and you’re considering downgrading. 

The Aging Nest

Over the past twenty or thirty years, this place of yours has kept a dry roof overhead and solid walls around your family. But now, you see cracks in the walls. The house is settling, and you don’t want to know how much it’s going to cost to have the foundation worked on. You’re pretty sure you felt a drop of water hit your head the last time it rained, but the attic doesn’t have any wet spots. 

Still, despite the wonderful memories you have, it’s time to move on. Keeping up with an aging home is usually beyond the means of those who have already raised families. It’s alright to go ahead and pass it down to someone who can run up a ladder in seconds. Look for something with easier maintenance. 

A House, Not a Home

Once your family leaves the building, remember that your home is wherever you make it. It isn’t tied to the building or those walls; your home is with you. But we won’t blame you if you cut the drywall out of the wall where the kids’ growth charts are. And we definitely won’t blame you if you want to take a little piece of your old wallpaper along for the ride. Frame these, and make them art in your new home. 

Donating to Charitable Companies

As you make arrangements to leave, many companies would love to have some of your older silverware or dishes that you just never used. Most of them are 501(c)(3) companies to who donations are completely tax deductible, and better yet, most of them are happy to come pick up your donations. 

While we understand that you don’t want to get rid of the candy dish your kids made when they were five, perhaps it’s time to go ahead and give up the extra pots and pans you don’t need anymore. 

Loading the Truck

When the movers come out for inspection prior to your packing day, make certain that you point out specific keepsakes that are delicate or otherwise fragile. They’ll bring plenty of special packaging to keep your special mementos as safe as they can be. 

If you desire to move photo albums or old videocassettes by hand, simply place them in a closet or a bathroom where other items are not going. You can use a line of tape across the doorway to signal to movers that you do not want the items in that room to be packed. This is a pretty universal signal to professional movers to stay out.

Creating Memories

When you arrive at your new home, invite family members for a housewarming party. Place keepsakes in their special places once again. And get ready to fill your new home with fresh memories and precious old ones as well. If you’re close by, you may even go visit the new owners of your old house. If not, the internet is only a click away. It makes visiting your old house, virtually, as simple as typing in your old address and viewing it on any mapping app. But try not to dwell on it too much, and instead get excited about the future in your new home.

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