Different Methods to Clean Vinyl Windows Winnipeg

No doubt, window installation is one of the lasting investments homeowners could make. When they decide to install vinyl windows, according to the weather of Winnipeg, chances are high that they can significantly save on energy expenses. Wondering how? Well, it’s quite clear- in terms of modern aesthetics and resale value of the property. Perhaps, the home may not have new windows Winnipeg but existing components still have half lifespan to go. In that case, homeowners are required to pay attention on their maintenance.

It doesn’t matter how new they are, homeowners still have to remember when and how to do maintenance. The best part of having vinyl windows Winnipeg is that they do not need much repair. Unlike wood, they are virtually maintenance free and spruce up the entire property in one round.

Normally, owners have to get rid of daily grime and dust in order to get that clean and smooth appearance. While in winter, they have to clear dirty snow piles and coatings on the windows Winnipeg and siding. It’s just a matter of finding the right method for cleaning.

  1. Water and Vinegar – Old Technique

Vinegar is referred to as the all-purpose cleaning agent for window frames. It can help to make any housekeeping project easy and effortless. It can transform the grimiest and dirtiest surfaces into shiny and sparkling ones. All homeowners have to do is to combine vinegar with water and lemon juice. 

Homeowners can easily wipe down vinyl windows Winnipeg with this solution. They can either use a bucket or spray bottle to apply solution at every space. It can make cleaning easy and simple.

  • Warm Water and Non-Detergent Soap

In case homeowners do not have vinegar in the home, don’t worry as non-detergent soaps are available in the laundry room. They can also be used as window frame cleaner. 

Since vinyl is sensitive and does not tolerate harsh chemicals, experts recommend to use mild non-detergent soaps to keep the surface as well as design in good condition. To avoid window replacement Winnipeg and extend life of existing components, avoid using ammonia or alcohol based detergents. Simply mix a quarter cup of non-detergent, mild soap in a bucket of water and stir until dissolved. Then, take a spray bottle and clean each area.

  • Cleaning Agents for Tougher Stains

Vinyl windows Winnipeg are capable to resist all types of abuse but, some stains become so stubborn that homeowners couldn’t find any way to rid of them. Non-detergent soaps and vinegar solutions cannot get the job done and therefore, they have to search for better and stronger cleaners. The idea approach is to get vinyl-safe cleaning agents that do not affect the surface and remove tougher stains like dyes and inks.

What else to do?

If vinyl windows Winnipeg are no longer in the position to clean and look good, then the only option is to get them replaced before something worse could happen. Yes, there always comes a time when the windows are no longer able to work efficiently even after maintenance or cleaning. So, it’s better to keep an eye on their performance and take steps accordingly.

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