Design Your Own Bathroom Partitions

Designing your own bathroom can be one of the most creative processes that you can get into, and since a bathroom is an essential part of any home or building, it needs a little bit more planning and strategizing. Any renovation project can become costly, especially if you are not familiar with building materials and the costs associated with it. Mistakes can be expensive too since you need to take out everything that you have already built if an error in measurement occurs along the way. So, before you get into the nitty-gritty of bathroom renovations, know and learn everything that you can first so that you can create and design it aesthetically and functionally.

One of the best ways to achieve the design element that you want for your bathroom and still be within your minimal budget is to use bathroom partitions. These partitions can be thought of as a set that is installed around a toilet to provide that security and privacy. It is made from sturdy and durable materials and is proven to be able to withstand frequent use and cleaning. It is a space saver and it can help make the bathroom renovation a quick and easy task. You might be thinking why bathroom partitions was not developed before as they could have saved you a lot of money in the past.

The technological advancements in manufacturing and the invention of new materials paved the way for the invention of these partitions. The best thing about these partitions is that they are compliant with the Building Code and the ADA requirements, so it takes the guesswork out of whether you are doing it right or not. Moreover, it can easily be installed as it comes as a complete set, with all the needed panels and hardware. You would definitely get uniform colors and sizes for each bathroom stall and the precision and clean lines will contribute to the aesthetic element of the bathroom. Even if you really do not need to update your bathrooms, it is best to learn more about bathroom partitions and how they can make your life easier.

 The Many Bathroom Partitions Design

Bathroom partitions do come in different designs and made from various materials that will complement any design that you might want to have in your bathroom. The fast and easy installation of the partitions and its aesthetic appeal can greatly improve the renovation of the bathrooms and the end result is a picture-perfect restroom. The partitions have different sizes and lengths, it can either be from floor to ceiling which is the longest in size with 122 inches in height, which is the most commonly used style in high-traffic buildings and structures like airports and train stations.

It can also provide the best privacy and security and is the perfect choice if your building has a bigger floor area and high ceilings. Aside from that, if a restroom has a slightly lower ceiling and is not used as much, then the floor-mounted design, with just 70 inches in height it will be the best option for you and it is less expensive than the rest of the designs. But, if you feel partial to the classy and sophisticated look in your bathroom, the ceiling-hung design is the most appropriate, and since it is not attached to the floor it makes cleaning the restrooms faster.

The partitions are 123.5 inches in length and with bathrooms that have high ceilings, this is the best partition for your bathrooms. If you are looking for functionality and keeping within budget, the most common design chosen by most of the contractors in the city is the overhead bathroom design. This design is used a lot in newer buildings, it is only 82 inches in length and it can be installed in any area even if it has low or high ceilings as it would fit as well. When you use bathroom partitions you will get a better looking and smooth bathrooms and at the same time keeping it real and following the requirements state and federal laws.

Getting the Best Bathroom Partitions   

Early in its history, bathroom partitions were made by hand from solid concrete and drywall and sometimes covered in bathroom tiles. Building bathrooms this way was time-consuming and costly, you had to layer one material over the other. When you compare the costs of the new partitions with that of the old partitions, without a doubt the modular type of partitions is way cheaper. Obviously, the bathroom partitions are made from different materials, and the value of each set is dependent on the materials used for it. The powder-coated steel is the cheapest in the ladder, which are sheets of steel that are pressed together to form a panel and then sprayed with a powder coat to protect it from the harsh moisture and the elements.

This style of partitions is only available in a very clean white and will be able to last for 5 years or more and most of all it is easy to maintain and clean.  But if you have a little more to spend for your project, then use the partitions made with stainless steel. Stainless steel is the top preferred material of choice when it comes to bathrooms, kitchens, laboratories, and hospitals as stainless steel is not affected by rust while bacteria and viruses die when it comes into contact with it. It can also last for a minimum of 30 years, which means that you will be stuck with your bathroom partitions in the coming 30 years or so. The initial costs for renovating your bathrooms can be high but you will be able to save a lot of money after.

You Can Order Bathroom Partitions Online

The great thing about finding the best bathroom partitions for your renovation project is that you can just do it in the comforts of your home. It was reported that the online suppliers have an extensive stockpile of every design that you might need and they can provide you with as many partitions as you need. You just have to find the supplier that you feel you can trust and build a partnership with. Also, the supplier with great prices and deals and has a number of discounts and offers free shipping for select customers. 

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