How to Design a Calming Minimalistic Garden

Many of us are deciding to embrace the minimalistic trend, turning our backs on a cluttered and loud lifestyle for one that is more limited and minimal. Although minimalism may seem like a simple trend to grasp, implementing it can be trickier than first expected. What’s more, it’s easy to focus on the interiors of your home, especially when it comes to creating the ultimate minimalist look, but too many people forget about the outside.

There’s nothing more satisfying than the perfectly designed minimalist garden, and it can be achieved a lot more easily than you might think. With a little planning, your garden could soon become a natural extension to your interiors, reflecting the minimalism that you’ve embraced elsewhere. Here are the best three ways to tackle even the most unruly and disorganized of gardens, and ensure that your exterior space is as minimalist as your interiors.

Start with a declutter

Nothing breaks up the clean lines of minimalism more than clutter, so your first step should be to give your garden a good going over. Make sure that the grass is mowedand any unused garden furniture is storedaway. You may need to consider installing some form of storageunit, with garden sheds being incredibly useful when it comes to being able to storethings out of sight. For those features that no longer suit the look that you’re trying to achieve, either sell, donate, or scrap them, and you’ll have a much cleaner run when it comes to making the largerchanges.

Have a theme

Having mismatched areas of your garden is the fastest way to break apart that minimalist feel, so you should always try to ensure that everything matches. Thismeans that your decking and fences need to be of the same color tone or material, and your garden furniture needs to complement that overall look. For the garden furniture itself, it’s often worth starting from scratch so that you can ensure that uniformity. Sitessuch as Fishpools offeradvice on stylish and luxurious garden furniture (click here for more info). With your furniture as your guide, it becomes much easier to paint or varnish the remainder of your garden settings, and from fencesto decking,you’ll create a seamless outdoor space that whispers peace and tranquility.

Deciding on Features

It’s easy to assume that the minimalist garden is empty, but that needn’t be the case. Water features are vastly underrated when it comes to the perfect garden, and for minimalists,it provides the opportunity to enhance your garden with movement and sound that can increase the peaceful ambiance that you’re trying to achieve. Water fountains made of wood are particularly effectiveand match well with the overall theme of your garden space, and as long as you plan them to suit the remainder of your garden furniture, they will blend in and become part of your perfect minimalist setting.

Once your garden is complete, the care that you need to give it is considerably less than the majority of garden types. With your simple and stylishminimalist garden,you can keep your garden as calm and relaxed as you are.

Alec Neufeld is a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man. He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.

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