Create These Kid Friendly Play Zones to Keep Your Home Organized

Organization is key in any home, especially if you want that home to run smoothly. Kids can make it difficult to remain organized especially when their clothes and toys are all over your floor. While we all would love to have a clean and spot-free home, it is not always possible when you have kids. Fortunately, there is a solution to this and that is to create kid-friendly play zones within your home. These play zones will keep your home as organized as possible utilizing storage and allow your children to still be children. 

Create an Imaginative Play Zone 

Imaginative play is recommended for all children. It helps them learn more about themselves and put their brain to use. One play zone that will help your child through exploration and learning more about the world is an imaginative play area. 

This area can include dress up clothes, items to be used to inspire them, and so on. The idea in this play zone is to get the wheels in your child’s head turning. 

Create a Messy Play Zone 

The messy play zone is an area that is dedicated to messy tasks. This is an area where your child can have fun, learn new things, and create beautiful artwork. Within this zone, you want to make sure you have items that allow your child to get messy such as shaving cream, paints, crayons, arts and crafts supplies, stamps, and more. 

Having an area like this in your home will help keep the mess contained and your children will know that they must be in this play zone to create any art work. 

Create a Building Play Zone 

Many children like to build, and they can also put their imagination to work when they do build. You can create a building play zone within your home and keep a bunch of items and toys that encourage creativity. 

Within this zone, ideal items would be Legos, blocks, Playmobil toys that encourage putting them together, and similar. You will find that your child is quite the architect. 

Create a Quiet Zone 

If your child still takes naps, this zone is a great way to help them unwind. Even if your child does not nap, you can send them to this zone when they need a break or need to relax. 

Within this zone, you should have items that encourage relaxation such as soft music, pillows, books, and other similar items. This is an area where you want your child to be able to calm down. 

Create Some Play Zones in Your Home 

Have some ideas in mind now? The above play zones are a great way to get your children playing in your home without making a big mess. Organizing your home does not have to be difficult and can be done by establishing pre-designated areas where your child’s items and toys can be. 

The above play zone ideas (and a video) are just that, ideas. We encourage you to create some awesome play zones for your child inside your home. 

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