How to create a minimalist garden

While some may think a garden should be bursting with plants, textures, and life, others prefer the style of a minimalist, sleek outdoor space to relax in. In terms of practicality, a minimalist garden is ideal for the busy family home or those looking for a low maintenance way to keep up their exterior. But how do you create a minimalist garden without just paving over the entire thing? 

Creating minimalism in the garden is all about how you utilize the space. Everything from the surfaces you use to choose a color palette for your plants can all work together to give a sleek and sophisticated look that oozes luxury and modernity. To get your dream garden, you could hire a professional landscaper, but as this isn’t something that’s totally affordable for everyone, there are plenty of ways to create a minimalist garden through a little DIY.

So how do you do it?

Smooth lines and carpet-like lawn

To achieve minimalism, the garden needs to be level and smooth. Using a small area of lawn or artificial turf on a smooth ground will look almost like carpet and pave the way to a luxurious feel for the space. 

Simple colours for surfaces 

Stone greys in light and dark shades are another way to keep things minimal while maintaining that sophisticated feel. There are plenty of choices for paving, composite decking, and patio surfaces available at, which all come in a variety of muted shades to suit the style. 

Back the boundaries

Minimalism is all about restriction and limitation. So to provide this effect within a free and open space, it’s worth considering building up boundaries around the garden to create more of an enclosed area. While this could be done with a standard fence, other options like galvanized, corrugated metal panels, or evergreen hedges provide a calming and more natural style. 

Strategic plant palette

This is still a garden, and gardens need plants. But you can still maintain a minimalist style as long as you stick to a colour palette or species selection. Plants add a calm, softening to the strictness of a minimalist garden, but by restricting plants to two or three species, you can continue with a sleek and uniform look.

A particular favourite for minimalist garden designers is Boxwood. This particular greenery can be pruned and chopped into fresh, crisp shapes and offer all year round colour to the garden. 

Add water

While sticking to your overall theme, adding a stylish water feature can add movement and a calming atmosphere for those enjoying the outdoor space. Water features using concrete slabs, smooth lines, and a simple shape can add a slither of personality to the garden without drawing too much attention. 

Minimalist gardens require strategic planning and beautiful execution. It’s not an easy style to get right, but once complete, the space can be a true sanctuary for those that use it. With simple shapes, a muted palette, and a calming ambiance, minimalist gardens can be the perfect place to destress after a long day. 

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