CLEA – A Hand Sanitiser by Mukomelov Studio

Mukomelov Studio bring us a smart and stylish product for hand sanitisation.

It is a decorative console for the quick hands desinfection in the public places (like restaurants, cafes etc.), which allows to instantly clean the hands off of bacteria with the help of the special solution.

CLEA - A Hand Sanitiser by Mukomelov Studio

A container, filled with the desinfecting liquid uses four injectors, through which the liquid is sprayed on the hands and a motion sensor. This is activated, when the hands are put into the spraying area are inside the Device.

The Device operating principle is the following:

  1. Come to the Device and put your hands between the two stripes.
  2. See the blue luminescence in the stripes’ edges.
  3. Wait untill the solution is sprayed on the hands.
  4. Wait several seconds, untill the solution evaporates.

CLEA - A Hand Sanitiser by Mukomelov Studio

CLEA does not only disinfect the hands, but it also refreshes them. It’s necessary and useful in everyday life, this technical device will become a very nice wall decoration in the public places.

CLEA - A Hand Sanitiser by Mukomelov Studio

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