Chiyodanomori Clinic

It’s hard to fault the reasoning behind the design of the Chiyodanomori Clinic by Hironaka Ogawa.

Going to the dentist has never been a favourite pastime of anyone’s, in fact, some people are positively mortified by it. However, the spaciousness created by wide windows and skylights give these dental cubicles a sense of zen-like tranquility that may go a long ways to alleviating some of the patients’ worries.

The interior resonates with diffused light that lends to the peacefulness of the office while skylighted atriums house trees and add a sense depth to it, too.

The design is not for aesthetic reason only, though – Gunma has the most sweltering of summer temperatures in Japan and during winter the winds blow icy cold! As a means to combat the heat and wind, the tall, open spaces do not have many openings onto the exterior, this allows the interior climate to be balanced and pleasant throughout the year.

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