Casa Alta

Fernando Velasco and Paola Morales of AS/D Asociación de Diseño designed the Casa Alta with 6m x 6m modules stacked upon one another to make up the three levels of the structure.

The weekend home sits atop a steep slope part of the 1,500 square meter plot of land and each level affords a different view of the spectacular surroundings. The standout feature is the facade of the building which was inspired by digital pointillism and depicts a tree when seen from a distance, but when up close the circles look like perforations on the buildings wall.

Designed as a vertical block, each level is connected via a stacked staircase from the kitchen and dining area on the lower level, to the middle or entry level, and finally to the bedroom on the third floor. The interior is kept relatively neutral so as not to distract from the green, verdant nature around the house, and a roof deck takes full advantage of the views on offer.

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