Best Hardwood Flooring Options

The flooring can make a space feel different. You need to ensure that the style of flooring you choose fits the visual theme of the room. It is impossible to substitute the right kind of flooring, and hardwood flooring is popular if you want elegance and beauty.

Your choices are endless once you’ve decided on hardwood flooring. You can personalize your hardwood flooring in many ways, including the type of wood and the finish. Every room is unique and should reflect that personality, and each aspect of the floor must be considered.

First, you need to decide which type of wood you want to use for your floor. Different wood types have different grain patterns. Maple, for instance, has a lighter grain and more elegant designs that are perfect for a formal dining room or study. Oak has a more prominent grain pattern and gives off a more rustic, homey feeling. Consider the grain patterns of your wood before you choose a type. They can have a significant impact on the finished floor.

After choosing a wood, it is time to decide on the shade. You will need to select the shade. Darker woods are best for formal settings, and lighter colors work well in open spaces. If you plan to replace all your furniture to match the new flooring, you must choose a color that matches your existing furniture.

Once you have chosen a shade and a wood, you need to decide how to cut the boards. The final look of your floor will depend on how wide and thick the planks are. Narrow boards (also known as strip boards) are used to give a room a contemporary feel. The more significant number of panels that fit into the floor can provide more space. Wide boards, on the other hand, have a more country-like feel. When paired with a light shade, Wide boards can create a comfortable atmosphere.

You will also need to decide on an edge style for your floor. Depending on the kind of your floor, each board’s edge can be either flat or beveled. Flat, square edges create one continuous, solid floor area. This type of hardwood floor is the most popular and gives it a finished, smooth feel. Your floor will have a texture that gives it depth and a 3-dimensional appearance. You can also specify the size of your bevels.

Your next decision will be the installation pattern. The way you lay out your boards will make a big difference in how your floor looks. Straight designs are the most common. They involve placing each board in straight lines parallel to and perpendicular to the walls. You can modify this slightly by making a diagonal or diagonal pattern. The panels are laid the same, but at an oblique angle to each other, the walls. If you want to change the look, parquet or herringbone patterns can be used.

Parquet patterns are customizable, but they are repeating shapes laid out on the boards. Herringbone flooring refers to a style where the boards are placed in an angled shape with each end creating a V with the next one.

Your hardwood floor will be complete with the finishing touch. There are many options available to finish your hardwood floor. The traditional oil finish can be used on hardwood floors for many centuries. This will give your floor a timeless, rich look that will evoke old European banquet halls and ballrooms. To remove splinters and give your floor a more uniform look, brushing can be done before oiling. You can polish your floor with polyurethane finishes such as varnish and lacquer.

Hardwood flooring can be an excellent choice for any room. However, it is essential to take the time to choose the suitable options to make your space reflect your style and atmosphere.

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