7 Best Free 80’s Fonts

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best free 80’s fonts on the web. These are great for any project with a retro lean!

The influence of 80’s culture continue to influence producers, artists, and fashionistas in 2019. The overpowering aesthetic of this decade birthed many styles that are now graphic design essentials – 8-bit styling, neon-lit color palettes and brushed shapes.

So, let’s check out the best free 80’s Fonts!


Streamster is a script typeface, created by Youssef Habchi. It is available as a free download for personal use. Streamster is a great 80s-style script font that is perfectly suited to web and as well as print projects. My favourite use is to offset it against more blocky fonts to create contrast on posters and album covers or combine it with vintage textures, 80s iconography and neon-lit colour palettes to put together realistic looking badges or logos.

Alien Encounters

The free font Alien Encounters font is highly sci-fi influenced with a blade runner or tron-like aesthetic. It is most famously used by the London-based Vaporwave record label called Dream Catalogue. The font is used in their logo.


My personal favourite in this collection is VCR OSD Mono, with it’s glitchy, pixelated form. It instantly evokes a uniquely 80’s nostalgia in me. It’s  8-bit looking form recalls lo-fi 80s tech tropes and an old school video games aesthetic, which makes it the perfect font for retro-leaning creative projects.


Sabo is a free 8-bit style pixel font from Philippe Moesch that comes in two styles – inline and filled. Reminds me of the original NES gaming console!

Good Times

Good Times is inspired by the lettering used on Pontiac cars from about 1989-1994. Uniform lines, capsule shapes and disconnected strokes give Good Times, a stark, scientific feeling. The font was created in 1998 and has since been expanded to 15 styles including a rusty variation called Good Times Bad Times. When you’re using Good Times Bad Times in an OpenType savvy application, common letter pairs will be automatically replaced by custom pairs for a more realistic, flaked metal effect.

Road Rage

This awesome font made – also by Youssef Habchi – is perfect for your 80s inspired works. This definitely a recognisable font, so don’t overuse it or it will get stale real quick. The font is free for personal use and if you need it for commercial projects you can contact the author here!

Neon 80s

This awesome font made by Stephen Knouse is perfect for your 80s inspired works. The font is free for personal use and if you need it for commercial projects you can purchase it from here

Which one of these 80s Fonts is your favorite? Tell us on social media and share them with your friends!

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