Best 2021 Recliner for Sleeping

Suppose you constantly doze off on the couch in front of your TV. Then maybe it’s time you considered recliners. Not only are these chairs built with the needed ergonomics to suit the perfect laid-back posture. 

A 2002 research showed that recuperating patients who used recliners recovered faster than those on the hospital bed. Unarguably, it is the best furniture piece for people who prefer to sit in the living room without worrying about severe health complications. It is also suitable for people with medical conditions like backache and apnea. Or for those who find it hard sleeping on their beds.

That said, in case you are looking for the best recliners for sleeping all night. Then you just found the correct list. Please read on for more details.

Top Recliners For Sleeping All Night 

The following are our top recliner picks for sleeping all night:

The Power Head Rest

People avoid sleeping on the couch because of the neck pain and back pain it gives. But that is not so with the power headrest. 

It provides powerful lumbar, neck, and arm supports for the perfect sleeping position. This chair adjusts to accommodate your desired position while giving you maximum comfort all through the night. 

The Power Lift 

The power lift recliner comes with a well-padded back and footrest that allows you to get comfortable while napping or having your night rest. It is perfect for people who find it hard to get out of a couch or bed. This chair rises with the position of your weight when you sit up and reclines when you lay back. 

The Power Rocking  

Have you ever seen a baby drifting asleep on a rocker? That’s the same feeling you would get from the power rocking recliner. With a plush back, overstuffed sides, and a footrest that springs up at the touch of a button. This chair is comfortable for relaxing in the evenings, warming up by the fuzzy fire. You could as well doze off in it and not worry about incurring body pains in the morning.

Orthopedic Recliner

This staple is designed to give support to your spine, neck, and back. It is packed with the necessary ergonomics to help relieve body pain and breathing problems that could be associated with some medical conditions. 

It is perfect for the aged ones, people with disabilities, or probably recovering from a sickness who cannot lie comfortably on a bed.

You can check out other types of recliners available here: https://www.essentialhomeandgarden.com/type-of-recliners/.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Recliner

Before you make up your mind about the choice of a recliner to go for, check out the following factors:

  1. Pricing: Draft your budget and check out the best recliners you can find within that range. There are many of them in the market, and you don’t want to go for just any type that comes to your mind.
  1. Space: Space is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a piece of furniture. You have to measure the space available, also putting the size of the room into consideration. 

You don’t want a recliner that would be too large for your room or too little for its use. Another important factor is your weight. Remember, your comfort should also be of topmost priority.

  1. Durability: Recliners are the most comfortable staple that you can find in the house – asides from the bed. And that means it could be the most coveted furniture in the home. You might want to check for brands that will last you a lifetime to avoid unnecessary losses. 
  2. Style: While you want a piece of furniture that will suit your needs. You should note the aesthetics of your sitting room or bedroom. You have to consider the type of recliner that would fit in with the rest of the interior decor. 
  1. Type: The market is already filled with myriads of recliners from different manufacturers. Take your time to research the type that best suits your needs, comfort, and budget.
  1. Upholstery: Do you want a leather or fabric covering? You have to make your choice on the type of leather or fabric you want. This also depends on the quality and price you have budgeted. 

Some fabrics could be brittle on the skin, while some leather coverings could make you sweat. You can pick from microfiber materials that are soft and cool on the skin.

Choosing the best type that suits your needs might be a hard nut to crack. You might want to check here for recliner ideas. Or talk to an expert dealer around you before settling for one.


Recliners are one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture you can find in a house. They are perfect for relaxation, easily adjustable, and moveable. You can find them in single, dual power, and triple power compartments. 

We’ve taken some time to provide you with some information that we hope you’ve found helpful. You should now be able to go get yourself the one that will best suit you.

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