5 Times The Beetle Chair Made A Statement In Restaurant Interiors!

The applications of the Beetle chair are as versatile as its classy design, and if you want to set it up in public spaces, then here’s a list of 5 times this chair made a statement in gorgeous restaurant interior designs:

  1. Carrying the decadent look!

The sheer elegance and baroque style ambiance of this restaurant are enhanced two-fold by the multicolored Beetle chairs that accompany the stylish round tables throughout the space. The teal, tea pink, and navy blue upholstery blends and contrasts the warm-hued atmosphere of the restaurant extremely well. They add a contemporary touch to the decadent backdrop and their unique upholstery lightens up the whole set-up with an eclectic aura. You can rarely find such class and quirkiness in other home interiors.

  • Lighten up, beautiful

If you’re more into the hipster café vibe, then you can achieve that look with the Beetle chair as well. By using light pastel hues and stunning rust colored accents, the chairs used in this restaurant setting create a very sophisticated and quirky ambiance. The light-hued backdrop perfectly emulates that vintage boho-chic aura, and the classy contemporary style of the Beetle chairs sets the mood towards the eccentric side of the spectrum. It’s a great idea for a new-age find dining establishment.

  • Small-style café booths

Many new café interiors utilize the ‘booth’ concept, so you might be inclined to think that chairs of any style might be totally redundant in that format, but think again! Every booth-style seating needs an essence of individuality, and the Beetle chair can do that with elegance and panache. The navy blue conjoined seating in this image is complemented perfectly by the grey and pink Beetle chairs that help retain a sense of individuality within the whole set-up.

  • Peppered with bigger pieces

The great thing about the Beetle chair is that it’s visually versatile enough to complement a number of furniture pieces. It looks especially stunning next to larger sofas and seats, so if you appreciate that kind of an aesthetic, you’ll definitely love the set-up featured in this image. The floaty grey couches are as comfortable as they come, but their large bodies have been neatly complemented with the stylish Beetle chairs. The contrast of artfully big and small makes a whopping impact on the whole ambiance!

  • Be a trendy minimalist

If you want your restaurant establishment to emulate a hearty minimalist look, then here’s a Beetle chair layout that looks especially stunning. The white-hued backdrop couples naturally well with the warmth of the wooden floor, but it’s actually the Beetle chairs in dual grey and pink upholstery that sets a stylish tone for the overall ambiance. It’s breezy and light-hearted – perfect for sitting down and having a cup of warm coffee in.

The Beetle chair is very versatile and has diverse applications. It can be used in both public and private spaces, but is especially great for contemporary restaurant interiors!

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