Bean Bags Tips for Minimalists

The idea of bean bags is no longer restricted to adding a “fun element” to your indoors. Bean bags have evolved over the past fifty years, and today, they have become mainstream. If you want minimalism at the core of your living space, bean bags are a great option to consider. 

With the right selection of bean bags, you can reduce your furniture, create a minimalist space while you add a modern touch to your décor. A bean bag in a living room traditionally acted as an optional seat. However, with the variety available now, it could be your only form of seating in a room.

Bean bags can make you rethink your living room’s function and look. Here are a few ideas that might come in handy:


What do you see when you imagine a bean bag? A typical blob-shaped object, perhaps. Bean bags now come in many different shapes and sizes. You can now create a comfortable living space and replace traditional sofas by using large two- or three-seater bean bags.

Do you love quiet time along, reading a great book? Bean bags can help you kick back in comfort while you settle in for many hours of reading. Some bean bags now have a supportive back shape. Companies have also started producing square-shaped bean bags that may complement the formal look of your living area.


Until recently, bean bags were synonymous with bright-colored objects that didn’t always suit our taste. Not anymore! Colors are an integral part of their style innovation. Modern-day bean bags come in several shades to complement your living space interiors.


The right bean bag can make your living space clutter-free and minimalistic. With bulky, traditional furniture it’s difficult to move around your home to suit your needs at the time, this leads to buying many different furniture items to suit your various needs. That’s not the case with bean bags. One bean bag can serve many different purposes and can be moved from place to place as you wish.


Many households limit the use of bean bags to fill an empty corner but that’s not how we minimalists use them. Rather than fill space with bean bags, you should place a bean bag where it is most needed, for instance, besides the bookshelf at the corner of your living room. 

Consider the use of bean bags as the only seating option in your home. It can be a new and inviting experience after a long day and can also help guests to relax in your space.

Fabric Options

The texture and fabric of the bean bag cover can also have a big part to play when redesigning your living area. In the early days bean bags felt cheap and nasty, but now you can find bean bags with covers made of cashmere, leather, faux fur, silk and more to fit your needs. There are even cover options to suit outdoor bean bag use.

Linen and cotton provide a great, understated looked for your home. If you want to get a little more adventurous, silk can provide a luxurious appearance. Leather covers can work best in complementing other leather seats in a room if that’s your preference. Some prefer microsuede fiber, which is excellent if you want a natural yet glossy look. However, it can be challenging to clean off stains.  

Custom furniture is tipped to be the next big thing in interior design and bean bags led the way in this space. The fabric used, not only needs to look great but it should feel good on your skin too. For this reason, you should consider the texture of your selected material.

If you use it thoughtfully, bean bags can be both functional and make your living room feel more inviting. Have fun experimenting with this versatile piece of furniture!

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