Baan Moom House

The Baan Moom house is an exquisitely designed 3-storey residential home for a family of five by Integrated Field.

Design features include the use of corners and angles throughout the structure. The stairs hall consists of a triangular staircase and skylight that lets natural light into the hall as well as the internal voids connected to it. The two types of ‘corners’ in the house are divided into individual and shared, with the individual spaces reflecting the character of each family member and the shared areas becoming open spaces that connect to the stairs hall of each floor, and to recreational areas such as the first floor pool deck or the terrace on the rooftop.

Internal voids provide the ventilation for the individual rooms and also serve as a visual connection for each family member, while the stair hall acts as the main circulation throughout the house.


The house has one master bedroom with a master bathroom for the parents, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for the children, a living and dining room, a working room, an open kitchen, a special Thai kitchen and a lap pool. Particularly noticeable inside the house is the stairs hall with a triangular staircase and the corners on each floor.


According to the scale of the site and owner’s love of nature, open space, and gardening give an initial idea for the house design. All functions are packed and stacked into 3-storeys to provide the most open space possible on the ground level.


The house was positioned on the southwest part of the site. All bathrooms are on the west part on each floor of the house to protect all other functions from the sunlight during daylight hours, and for the hygienic reason of the bathroom as well. With the bathroom on the west, each bedroom can face either north or east for the proper quality of natural light, and left the court on the ground level in L-shaped.


Another thing mentioned earlier is the ‘Corner’. This later became a name of this house, ‘บ้านมุม’ (มุม [Moom] means ‘Corner’ in English).

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