Application Process: Understand Criteria for Rental Applications

Searching new apartments in desert ridge can be stressful. After choosing an apartment, you may be worried about the application process. A question may arise if the property-owner will choose you among others. 

Remember, the landlord uses an application process to screen least-risky and qualified tenants. A landlord doesn’t want to deal with miss payments, disruption in the community, and mess up apartments. He will evaluate your finances and background to have an idea of your financial strength. He wants to know if you can pay rent promptly. Property owners may run a management company or have a real estate agent to carry on the screening process.

Documents to Prepare 

Do you want to apply to desert ridge apartments? You must have relevant documents, pay a fee, and fill out forms. Start with the critical documents and put money in your bank account before searching an apartment. You have to mention your employment history, annual income/salary, and social security number on the application form. Prepare these documents:

  • Employment letter with an annual salary, employment duration and job title (must be printed on the letterhead of the company)
  • Photo ID (driver’s license or passport)
  • Copies of the last two tax returns
  • Copies of three pay stubs
  • Reference letters from past guarantors, employers, and landlords (include their contact numbers)
  • Reference letter (optional)

Along with your supporting documents and application form, you have to pay the following deposits and fees:

  • Application fee: Property owner may need a fee from each person. This fee is essential to cover the processing of an application.
  • The authorization fee for credit check: Property owners have to run a credit check on every applicant so make sure you have a good credit score. With this fee, they can conveniently run a credit check.
  • Good-Faith deposit: A few property owners may have to submit a deposit to take the apartment temporarily. If the landlord denies your application, you will get your deposit back.

Remember, there is no need to give your personal information. Avoid submitting any fee to the agent or landlord until you know them personally. It is crucial to verify their identity to protect yourself from scammers.

Essential Criteria for Landlord

To select an eligible candidate, landlords will consider these elements. The purpose of this process is to choose an honest and reliable candidate.

Credit Score

Credit score can represent your financial history and responsibility. If you are paying loans and bills on time, you will have a higher credit score. With a higher credit score, the chances of getting an apartment will be higher. A credit score from 300 to 850 can be a good number. Feel free to get a free copy of the credit report annually from every credit reporting organization.

Sufficient Income

Other than your credit history and score, property owners should know that you are earning enough money. It will ensure him/her that you can pay rent without any delay. Sometimes, you have to get a guarantor to increase their trust.

Employment History

You must have a stable employment history. With permanent employment, a landlord will be satisfied that you can afford and pay rent. Moreover, you must have clean eviction record.

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