Andfold Minimal Stationery Set

Stationery and promotional mailer produced as part of Andfold Studio‘s 2010 identity update. The items feature fully embossed detailing on GF Smith Colorplan, a range of Forest Stewardship Council certified papers.

Promotional Mailer

Andfold Minimal Stationery Set
Printed on 700gsm GF Smith Smoke Colorplan featuring gloss black foil embossed detailing on both sides.

The design highlights our minimalistic approach both in the identity generation and through the choice of specialist printing enhancements. The uppercase logotype was chosen to focus on geometry, using both a two stroke and bold logotype for changes in requirement. The items were sent to existing and prospective clients across the UK.

Business Cards

Andfold Minimal Stationery Set
GF Smith Duplexed Colorplan consisting of 270gsm Real Grey combined with 270gsm Dark Grey. Features a diffusion foil emboss on the front with embossed white detailing on the reverse.

Materials and Processing

Andfold Minimal Stationery Set
Printed on GF Smith Paper using IST Embossing Services.

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