A Guide to Creating a Stunning Hotel Room

Customer service is at the heart of hospitality. Hoteliers must do everything in their power to provide their guests with a comfortable stay, which will ensure they return time and again. As a result, they will more likely be able to spread the word about a hotel with their loved ones and online.

If you want to receive glowing recommendations and repeat guests throughout the years, read the following advice for creating a stunning hotel room.

High-Quality Furniture

To ensure a hotel has the wow factor, you must incorporate high-quality furniture into every room. As many people will be using your armchairs, sofas or coffee tables each day, it is essential to invest in hard-wearing, stylish designs that can withstand much wear and tear. Visit to find beautiful furniture styles to complement your brand and accommodation.

Colorful Artwork

To add a burst of color into a hotel room’s design, hang colorful works of art onto a wall. Rather than opting for dull, lifeless landscapes, invest in original, vibrant artwork that will add texture and personality into a space. You also could hang art to complement a hotel room theme, which can unite your chosen décor.

A Comfortable Mattress

Every hotel guest will want to enjoy a great night’s sleep during their stay. To add a touch of luxury into your accommodation and ensure great reviews time after time, invest in a high-quality, comfortable mattress, which will help your guests fall asleep with ease every night. If you don’t, they’ll be more likely to write a negative review online or may fail to return to your hotel in the future.

A Timeless Design

Unless you want to embark on a hotel renovation in a year or two, you would be smart to invest in timeless interior design, which will impress every guest who walks through your doors throughout the years. For example, stick to a classic, neutral color scheme, hang an elegant chandelier, and avoid following interior design trends that will be out of fashion by next season. 

A Splash of Luxury

Every guest appreciates a touch of luxury when checking into a hotel, which will make them feel valued. To make your customers feel right at home, you should:

  • Add high thread count sheets
  • Provide luxurious toiletries
  • Hang guest bathrobes and slippers in a closet
  • Offer a turning down service

The little things can make a big difference to your guests’ stay, and you can also factor in the above features when setting a room’s price point.

Offer Different Lighting Options

Different guests will have different lighting preferences in a hotel room. While some might like the soft glow of a wall light, others might prefer vibrant overhead lighting. To help your guests create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, install a dimmer switch to allow them to tailor their lighting to their needs. You also should offer desk lamps and bedside lamps, which are ideal for those who are traveling on business or enjoy reading in bed.

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