8 Ways to Make Hosting a Summer Party Easier on Yourself

Summer calls for backyard parties. After a long week, hosting family and friends on the weekend sounds like a lot of work. It does not need to be. Here are eight tips for making hosting a summer party event easier on yourself.

1- Create Digital Invitations

If your summer party is for a specific event, a birthday, anniversary, or graduation, email the invitations. There is no need to go through the fuss of paper invitations. It will save time and money. Also, e-vites will make it easier for guests to RSVP.

2- Have It Catered

Instead of spending time in the kitchen, have the food come to you. A caterer can do all the work, whether you serve pulled pork with potato salad or BBQ with coleslaw. Eliminate the need to stand over a hot grill or stove preparing the food.

3- Do Potluck Desserts

Guests are usually more than willing to bring a dish to the party. If you are having food catered, consider a potluck dessert. Ask guests to bring a dessert if they ask. Create a dessert area where people can help themselves to all the treats.

4- Set Up a Drink Area

Remember to keep it simple. Decide on a simple cocktail that is easy to make in large quantities. Fill a cooler or a kiddie pool with ice, and add soft drinks, water, and iced tea. Add plenty of cups, and guests can serve themselves. Have plenty of refills set off to the side or under a table to add to the ice when drinks start running out.

5- Keep the Decorations Simple

If it is an occasion party, simple decorations will add a pleasant touch, but keep it simple. A simple birthday banner or a few balloons will be perfect. There is no need to decorate the entire backyard.

One thing to not overlook is lighting. Do not overlook the need for lighting if the party is still going strong after dark. String some fairy lights around, or add some lanterns to the tables. That will be enough light to keep guests safe while enjoying the warm summer night.

6- Research Plates, Linens, and Silverware Options

If you want to choose a solid color and purchase paper tablecloths, napkins, silverware, and cups, that is up to you. If you have plenty of those things, use what you have. Everything does not need to match. Disposable products will make cleanup easy, and you can throw everything away at the end of the night.

7- Plan the Music

What is a party without music? Start creating a fun playlist days before the party. To make it even easier, play a premade list. Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, and iHeart radio are significant sources for finding playlists.

8- Enlist Some Help

There is someone in every group of friends and family who loves to be the life of the party. Enlist them to help keep the party moving. Put someone in charge of filling the ice and drinks. Ask someone to be responsible for things like bug spray and sunscreen. If possible, recruit a cleanup crew at the end of the night.

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