7 Ways to Prepare Your New Rental Property

You may have never pictured yourself as a landlord, running from property to property and collecting rent checks. It’s not exactly a conventional job and there’s plenty more to it than showing up at the end of each month with your hand out.

It’s a good time to be a landlord, as more and more people see renting as a better financial option than purchasing their own home. There are always going to be tenants out there, whether you own single family homes or rental units.

Making a rental property attractive is one of the most important things a landlord can do to bring in tenants, and working with a reputable strata management in Adelaide can help you achieve that goal. Even though someone may be desperately looking for a place, no one wants to live in a home that looks like it’s stuck in the 1970s or is just plain dirty.

Finding a loan may have been tough and costly, so it’s time to turn to your inner DIY to get these things done. Below are multiple easy and cheap things you can do to spruce up your rental property and bring the tenants in soon.

Look to the Ceilings

Unless you’re developing 35mm pictures, every room needs light. While natural light is a big trend in house design, replacing windows or adding new ones can be expensive. Instead, upgrade the ceiling fans.

This will give you an opportunity to put in a new fan while also adding more up-to-date lighting, guaranteeing the room will be plenty bright and full of life.

Clean Up the Front Yard

It’s all about curb appeal! If you’ve got a single family home, one of the best ways to boost your value is by making sure the front yard looks great. You don’t have to have a green thumb in order to put some plants down or even plant a tree.

Even though you may not be selling soon, it’s an easy, surefire way to bump up your home’s value while also making it look great.

Fresh Paint

You might be surprised how far a fresh coat of paint can go in a new room. Remember that you want to choose neutral colors. You’d rather not be risky when choosing colors, so make sure you appeal to a wide audience.

Head to your local hardware store to check out which colors would work best.

Don’t Splurge for Renovations

If you’re flipping the house or it really needs some work, you may opt for renovations. But if you’re just trying to add a little touch, look for small-medium size projects instead.

For example, instead of redoing the kitchen you could upgrade the appliances or add new cabinets. The bathroom doesn’t need a makeover, but it could use a new sink, towel racks, or even shower head. 

Hang Pictures and Art

While technically not a home renovation project, hanging pictures and artwork is important because it discourages your tenants from hanging their own things on the walls. 

If items are not hung properly, that could cause further damage which means you may have to paint and fill in holes more often.

Replace the Floors

So far the biggest project on our list, but replacing the floors could save you plenty of time, money, and stress down the line. Even though it seems like a massive project, this is one you can definitely learn to do on your own.

If your home has carpets in it, it might be time to replace those carpets with hardwood or laminated floors. Why? Simply because they are much, much easier to clean. Sweeping or mopping is less time consuming and costly than renting a carpet cleaner. Plus, hardwood floors don’t keep odors in over time.

Clean Everything

Even though you might be saying “duh”, giving your properties a deep clean before move-in day is highly necessary. Not only will you make the property look much more presentable, but it will also give you a last chance to look over everything.

There might be a few cracks or issues you missed earlier. You might find something else, like forgetting to replace the air filters, that went over your head the first time. Consider it a cleaning and a last minute checklist. 

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