7 Unique Wall Shelves To Improve Your Home Aesthetic

Your home will always be susceptible to clutter, and while this reality can’t be avoided due to the demands of daily life, there are alternative means to control clutter in your living space. Incorporating enough storage spaces from bedrooms to bathrooms and the living room can make your home look more organized and clutter-free.  

These shelves don’t have to look dull and boring, as you can design them in unique and playful ways to elevate their look and add more aesthetical value to your home. No matter what interior design theme you have, some shelves range from industrial to modern and minimalist. They’re capable of keeping special items like picture frames and keepsakes, as well as indoor plants and some other knick-knacks.  

Here are some shelf ideas that will look amazing when incorporated in any area of your home: 

  1. Concealed Book Shelves  

The best feature about floating shelves is that they are barely visible on the walls. While some do have a bulkier wooden base, you can find one from RJ Living’s wall shelves which can have the illusion of having them completely concealed. You can use these shelves to hold your books. It’s a unique way to design your mini library as you hang some more of these hidden bookshelves in a specific area intended for reading and relaxing. 

  1. Front Door Modern Wall Shelves  

The front door might be the least space you’ll ever think of adding a shelf into. But why wouldn’t you? It has free space anyway, and it’s always smart to maximize all the spaces in your home. This minimalist front door shelf comprises wooden and steel bar materials, making them sturdy enough to hold heavier loads. You can hang some of your scarves or items that people often forget to bring. Hanging them by the front door will instantly remind them to get them. In an often-neglected space, the tall and narrow design adds wall appeal alongside the front door.  

  1. Fire Escape Shelf Design  

This wall shelf design is a cross between industrial and modern. The design mimics the stairs of a fire escape, making it look unique on your wall. They don’t have to hold heavy things, but they’re capable enough to keep indoor plants. Tiny succulents would look great in contrast with the black-painted stair shelf.  

  1. Contemporary Shelves Beside TV  

Make sure your television unit isn’t out of place in your living room. It would help if you could streamline your entertainment center. In case you fail to make it your focal point, you can solve that by adding some contemporary shelves beside the TV. This is a modern shelving unit that won’t interfere with your TV viewing. What it does do is organize all the other media tools and devices you have. You can manage them together and place them on these shelves.  

In any media room, the television is the focal point. By placing shelves on either side of your media, you can create a focal point. You can also display family pictures on these shelves, so people can look at them while watching movies or spending time in the media room.  

  1. Unique Bar Shelf  

If you have a minibar in your home, most definitely, you’ll need some shelves to place your favorite drinks. Your favorite liquor in an etched decanter will fit perfectly on the solid walnut shelf. Stack some more shelves from top to mid-bottom if you want to display your best of the best wines, hard liquor, and incredibly hard-to-find whiskies that are worth the investment. 

  1. Triangular Floating Wall Shelves  

Asymmetrical decor can add interest to geometric themes by breaking up their rigidity. This design is modern, but its wooden material also projects a classic vibe. You can display your trinkets and collection items on these triangular shelves. They fit best when used in the dining room, living room, or even bedrooms.  

  1. Modern Office Wall Shelves  

Multifunctional pieces are ideal for small rooms. This modern office wall shelf can have multiple functions. This freestanding piece is hinged and has a drawer as well as a pull-out workstation. Hence, you can use it to store office supplies or work on it as a workstation. This modern shelf would make a perfect desk or extra storage space for all of your random things.  


All these shelving ideas are capable of bringing something unique and uncustomary to your home. You’re sure to maximize space, reduce clutter, and improve aesthetics by using these creative wall shelf ideas. Organizing can sometimes be tiring, but when you can display them on these shelves, it’ll take less time, and you can arrange them well too. 

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