7 Cleaning Myths You Should Stop Wasting Time On

Old wives’ tales and myths about cleaning have been passed from one generation to another. People, especially women, believe that they are naturally experts in cleaning duties.

Little do we get to know that what we know is nothing but false, time-wasting myths! Some of these myths include use of string mops, not cleaning the washing tools, and cleaning the house from any direction.

In this article, we will discuss this and other myths with the help from apartment cleaning Chicago that you need to stop believing NOW!    

1. Air Fresheners Clears Bad Odor

You don’t have to wash the house every day. You can leave junk food in the kitchen bin for days. All you need is a high-quality air freshener. Really! That’s a myth that is likely to embarrass you whenever you’ve unexpected visitors.

While air fresheners are good for giving your home a new scent, it won’t neutralize the already rotting meat odor in your house.

Clean the house. Get rid of anything that ought to be out of the house.

2. String Mops excellently Wipe Dirt and Dust Fast

Maybe you just feel lazy, or you have a special love for mops. Here’s the truth, string mops aren’t effective in cleaning your floor. First of all, they make you accomplish the cleaning task in more time. Secondly, they leave out dust and particles behind.

The best option, however, is microfiber cleaning mops. They’ll collect all dust and dry the place better than string mops would do.

3. Never Clean the Cleaning Tools

Cleaning appliances equally needs to be cleaned. They equally get dirty. Thus, if you do not clean, for example, your washing machine, dust is likely to accumulate inside.

Consequently, the machine will block and break down. It’ll cost you time and money to have it serviced. Besides, a dirty washing machine will not clean your clothes effectively. You’ll, therefore, spend more time washing. Myths that cleaning appliances are ever clean are for ignorant people.

4. Cleaning Solutions Work In Just One Second

No! Cleaning solutions don’t work within a second! That’s a false myth. In contrast, they need about 1 or more minutes to work effectively. For instance, if it is a stain remover solution, don’t dip your clothes in the solution and start washing instantly. 

Soak your clothes for a while, and allow the solution to do its thing. Otherwise, you’ll waste time trying to remove the stain while the solution is meant to do that for you. 

5. There’s No Right Way Of Cleaning

It doesn’t matter where you begin, just clean. You can start from the bottom way up! That’s a myth that is misleading, totally!

Consider a case where you are cleaning a dusty house. You probably start by wiping the tables, electrical appliances, and the shelves. Next, you grab the broom and sweep the dust to one corner of the room. What happens?

 Dust settles on the surfaces you just wiped, right?

 That’s purely a wastage of time. Before cleaning, evaluate the task. When cleaning a room, start from top to bottom. If the room is dusty, deal with dust before wiping the surfaces.  

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