6 Value-Boosting Tips for Your Weekend Home

The increased work-from-home arrangements following the COVID-19 pandemic have caused a spike in the interest in vacation homes. People are increasingly moving away from the bustling lives in the cities, so if you own land for sale with a weekend home already built, you’re set to make a solid return on your investment. 

Thanks to online land sales, you can do everything by yourself. And if you want to maximize your profits, you should invest some time, money, and effort into boosting the value of your weekend home. Here are the six top tips to help you create an incredible property that causes an instant “wow” factor with potential buyers. 

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Repair and Paint External Walls

The outside of your property is the first thing a potential buyer notices, so make sure it looks at its best. A coat of fresh paint will make your home look more modern, fresh, and appealing. However, you might want to avoid highly bold colors like lime green, or your home will stand out for the wrong reasons. You can use third-party apps to test drive the colors and choose the perfect shade. 

In addition to painting it, inspect the exterior of your property for visible signs of damage. For example, weatherboard walls may have panels that need to be replaced. Small gaps in brick homes may further require fresh mortar, whereas rendered walls may require fresh concrete to fill in gaps. These minor changes will make your home look brand new and stand out in the land listings.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere Inside

The goal of a weekend home is to offer a sense of luxury and comfort. Try to create and decorate a space that will transport potential buyers away from their daily lives. Choose the paint carefully; neutral colors work well in warmer areas, but there’s no harm in adding a splash of color for added flair. In the kitchen, marble worktops may provide a luxurious touch, and you can make your ceilings a focal point by adding a unique pattern.  

Renovate the Kitchen and Bathrooms 

If you take the right steps, repairing the kitchen and bathrooms doesn’t have to be costly. Concentrate on how you can improve what you already have and start with good-quality decorative enhancements. Refinish or repaint cabinets, add new flooring, clean or change the tiles, add better lighting, invest in new hardware, and upgrade the fixtures. These minor renovations will give the kitchen and bathrooms a cleaner, more modern feel while also increasing the overall value of your weekend home. 

Invest in Landscaping and Lighting

An appealing exterior is crucial for creating a beautiful property and speeding up the sale process since it encourages purchasers to envision themselves spending time outside during the warmer months of the year. Dead plants, unkempt bushes and trees, and uncut grass are quick turn-offs. Invest in new soil, bushes, trees, ground cover, and mulch to make your property look more inviting and fresh. Well-lit, paved roads are also essential for providing easy access to the property. 

Redesign Your Garden

A well-designed decking area will improve the buyer’s perception of the amount of usable living space between the home and the garden and add value to the property. The importance of privacy cannot be overstated, so you should work to enhance the sense of seclusion. Consider including fences and even mature trees. Moreover, create separate sections for dining, barbecuing, and storage.

Check the Foundations and the Roof

The foundation and roof of your home may not be as apparent to land buyers at first glance as the other features we’ve mentioned here. However, a negative inspection report owing to defects in your roof or foundations might cause your sale to fall through at the last minute, costing you a lot more money. So, hire a professional to check your home ahead of time and address any structural faults. Land buyers will want to know that their new weekend home is secure and well-built.

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Final Thoughts

Following these tips will help you be well on your way to meeting your sales target. Start with things that don’t demand much money or effort. By the end of your endeavor, you’ll know that you’ve done everything possible to increase the worth of your weekend home and attract buyers. Before you start, it’s a good idea to get the advice of an estate agent. Considering the acres of land you own and the local market competition, a qualified real estate agent will know what adds value to a developed land and which tasks you should prioritize.

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