6 Types Of Machines Used By Construction Companies

Construction companies are made up of many different types of machines that are used for construction purposes. These include forklifts, bulldozers, excavators, graders, and more. This article will explore the six different types of machines typically used by construction companies. 

1. Heavy Duty Machines

Heavy-duty machines are used for a variety of tasks around the construction site, including materials handling and hauling. Many companies utilize this type of machinery to ensure they can complete their projects efficiently and quickly with minimal issues. There is also equipment meant for heavy commercial use that is much larger than other heavy-duty equipment. A backhoe loader is a heavy-duty machine that excavates waste or soil from trenches or holes that have been dug.

2. Forklifts

There are many different types of forklifts, but they all serve the same function. They transport materials on the construction site, which is very important for companies that need to acquire these materials easily and quickly while also having them delivered where they are needed. This article will explore three common types of forklifts including counterweighted, reach truck, and scissor lift. 

A counterweighted forklift uses hydraulic rams to balance the load of the attached material. This type of forklift is usually used for smaller loads that are on pallets or within another transporting apparatus, such as a carriage. A reach truck is very similar to a counterweighted forklift, except that the former’s mast is telescopic. This means that it can reach higher places than other forklifts. A scissor lift forklift has a fixed mast and arms at the front, which are extended upwards to transport materials.

3. Bulldozers

Bulldozers help construction companies level surfaces or break down small walls and other structures. This is very important for construction companies to ensure that they can complete their projects efficiently and quickly with minimal issues. A bulldozer can move the earth because it has a blade on its front end, which can be adjusted according to the type of ground or dirt being moved.

Bulldozers are used in a variety of settings like residential, commercial, and even military. There are many different types of bulldozers based on their size and a power source. They can be electric, gas, or diesel-powered. 

4. Excavators

Excavators are used to digging trenches, holes, and ditches for construction companies. Excavators can do this because of the bucket on its front end, which is attached with the help of a stick or arm that extends from its vehicle. These are mostly used when the type of soil being dug is not soft, which can cause issues. Excavators can be a big help for construction companies because they dig a lot faster than a common shovel or pickax. 

5. Grader

Construction companies use graders during the grading process to smooth out the land so it will be level for building construction. This helps ensure that the final product looks nice and will last for an extended period of time without any issues. It also allows companies to make sure that if they are building a new road or path, it will be even and properly sloped.

Graders can be used with the help of a front blade, which is attached to its front end. These blades can be adjusted as needed for different types of surfaces or terrains. When this grading process is being used on a large area, graders have an attachment that helps smooth out the dirt and ensure it looks even across a wide space.

6. Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are used for many different purposes on a construction site, ranging from cleaning to building maintenance. This type of machine can clean the exterior of tall buildings because it can extend and move very high. Others are often used for building maintenance, such as working on light fixtures or electrical components. These machines can be adjusted to different heights and angles depending on the task at hand.

Scissor lifts are mostly used when a ladder can’t reach the desired height. This type of forklift is attached to a track, which helps ensure it goes where it needs to go without running into anything or anyone on the site. These machines are also helpful because they attach a bucket for building maintenance and other tasks. They have a platform where someone can stand and work comfortably while getting the job done.

These six types of heavy machinery are commonly used by construction companies.  Without these machines, the jobs that construction companies do would be a lot harder. While this list does not cover every type of machine that is utilized in the construction industry, it does describe the most commonly found machines.

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