6 Key Points to Remember When Replacing a Kitchen Faucet

Homeowners replace their kitchen faucet for a variety of reasons. Typically, the new installation is a repair for a sudden leak or defect in the faucet design. If the faucet begins to leak, it is possible that the hardware or underlying components are failing. Once these components fail, the homeowner must replace the entire faucet to prevent damage to their sink, cabinets, flooring, and surrounding walls. If the leaks are found quickly, mold could develop in the property. Reviewing 6 key points when replacing a kitchen faucet helps homeowners make more sound choices about the new faucet.

1. Never Start Without Shutting Off the Water First

Shutting off the water before any efforts are started lowers the risk of leaks and excessive water flowing into the property. All professional plumbers recommend shutting off the main water line to the property. When removing the faucet, there is a higher probability of a sudden gush of water if the valve isn’t shut down properly. Older homes require the homeowner to shut down the water outside the property and not just the valve leading to the kitchen. It will stop the kitchen from getting flooded or lead to serious water damage. Homeowners who want to learn more about steps for starting a kitchen faucet replacement visit right now.

2. You Need Adequate Light When Removing the Old Faucet

Adequate lighting is an absolute must for seeing underneath the kitchen sink and preventing accidents and mistakes. The lower kitchen cabinets make it almost impossible to see the plumbing lines and narrow spaces make it hard for the homeowner to get right where they need to in order to disconnect the plumbing lines. A strategically placed flashlight or headlamp can provide enough lighting to see all the plumbing lines and make it easier to disconnect the faucet and the full assembly easier. Removing the kitchen cabinet doors underneath the sink can also help bring more light into space and prevent damage or accidents.

3. Proper Back Support Is Necessary

Ensuring proper back support is necessary for the homeowner or the plumber who is completing the new kitchen faucet installation. Since they are laying on the floor, it is vital for the owner or plumber to use cushioning to support their back and neck properly. This prevents unnecessary strain on the neck or back that can lead to injuries. The homeowner or their plumber will spend several hours underneath the sink removing the faucet and its assembly from the plumbing lines. Without proper support, it is possible for them to sustain serious muscle sprains that decrease their mobility. Using proper tools for support or even a thick blanket can take the strain off the neck and back properly.

4. You Are Not Superman

Understanding that the human body has limits humbles the homeowner and might encourage them to seek professional assistance. It takes strength to disconnect the water pipes and loosen the necessary bolts. Even with the right tools, the homeowner must be strong to remove the existing faucet and replace it with a completely new assembly. Homeowners must understand that they aren’t Superman, and if they face obstacles where they just cannot complete the project on their own calling in a professional is their best choice.

5. Get Advice About The Replacement Faucet

Getting advice about the replacement faucet helps the homeowner avoid common mistakes. The plumbing lines must be compatible with the new kitchen faucet installation, or the homeowner will need to install new plumbing fixtures. A plumbing professional evaluates the existing lines and discusses new options for the faucet installation. Homeowners often choose more innovative faucet designs and basins. Making changes and updates could present more lucrative choices and increase the value of the property.

The plumber provides a catalog of products that are a great solution for replacing the kitchen faucet and improve the functionality of the sink. Plumbing professionals will install the new faucet if the homeowner prefers and guarantee their services. Choosing the right installation can improve the kitchen and make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. There are a variety of new faucet designs from which to choose that make it easier to clean the kitchen and prepare meals with ease. Reviewing the right size and shape for the faucet helps the homeowner avoid mistakes that lead to leaks and hindrances in the future.

6. When In Doubt Call A Professional

A professional plumber completes the faucet installation according to the homeowner’s specifications. If the pro completes the project, the homeowner won’t have to worry about conditions that could void the warranty. Professional installations come with guarantees that there won’t be any leaks or damage. The warranty is based on the longevity of the faucet installation, and the homeowner can extend the warranty to acquire additional protection for the faucet installation.

Professionals can also get supplies for the installation through their suppliers at more affordable rates. This could give the homeowner more access to more unique faucet designs. Reviewing the homeowner’s choices helps the plumber determine what designs fit within the homeowner’s budget. Professional plumbers also provide comprehensive estimates for their services. The plumber helps the homeowner review a variety of installations until the homeowner finds exactly what they want. Once the homeowner makes the final selection, the plumber will start the installation and provide information about the warranty and maintenance requirements for the installation.

Homeowners who need a new kitchen faucet review their options with a professional plumber and discover new and innovative ways to increase the value of their home. Updating the kitchen helps the homeowner eliminate leaks and improve the functionality of the kitchen. When completing these projects, the homeowner needs adequate lighting, back support, and a little extra help if they try to take on the task themselves. However, hiring a professional plumber gives the homeowner a guarantee and a warranty for the new installation. These opportunities could prevent the homeowner from form facing unnecessary costs and get a better installation. Reviewing key points to consider when replacing a kitchen faucet helps homeowners get more out of the installation.

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