6 Key Elements of the Best Web Design for Law Firms

Many people rely on the internet for information; the first place they’ll check is your website. As a legal firm, investing in a good website design improves your SEO ranking and increases the conversion of leads to protection. At iBoost Web, we have the experience and expertise to grow SEO in Los Angeles and boost your visibility in this highly competitive and ever-changing industry. There are several elements to consider if you want an effective law firm website design.

Onsite Optimization

Growing your SEO in Los Angeles is vital for your firm to access a more comprehensive client pool. We work closely with you to ensure your title tags are unique and reflect the content on each page separately. The terms of the URL represent the focus on every page on your website, hence the need to work with a professional who understands what a law firm website design requires to thrive.

Strong Content

More content is always better if you want more leads. However, not all content is good, depending on what the user is looking for online. Since they are scrolling your website, they need pertinent information about a particular situation. FAQs are an excellent way to direct users to quick links that offer more detail on the subject. We can recommend areas that need improvement to enhance the quality of your content based on frequent user searches.

Market Like a News Publisher

Did you know your law firm can hang almost everything you do on the internet? While a blog may seem ineffective, it is the best platform for lawyers to show their credentials, building a reputation that draws potential clients to your firm. All you need to do is create a blog for your website, post it five times weekly with original and relevant content, link the blog post to your social media pages, and watch your search results and traffic improve.

Great Mobile Experience

Most people globally are accessing the internet via handheld devices, and a poor law firm website design makes it difficult for mobile users to access your pages. We can help you enhance the convenience of your site to all users, so you don’t let leads slip through your fingers. Recent research shows nearly 80% of mobile searches are local and usually lead to action: an email or phone call.

Updated Photography and Bios

A good law firm website design should include a current photo to make the quality consistent and a well-narrated bio to back it up. Some prospects don’t care where you went to law school or what extracurricular activities you took part in, so it is advisable to leave all that for the end of your bio. Another vital factor is always including videos, giving users an authentic feel of what it’s like to work with you.

Easy to Contact

Last, ensure every page on the website has at least three ways people can contact you. Whether it’s a phone number, a contact form they can fill out, or a comments box. You can also include a live chat function that allows prospects to communicate directly with someone from your firm. Once you know what you need to make your website stand out, hire a professional to help turn your vision into reality.
Contact us at iBoost Web and schedule a consultation with our website design experts. We provide a wide range of services geared towards improving your SEO in Los Angeles and the quality of your law firm website design at competitive market rates.

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