6 Great Gift Ideas You Can Get for a Hiking Enthusiast

It’s always nice to shop for people, especially when you know they like something. Now imagine knowing the person well enough that you can buy them a gift straight off their hobby or passion. That would be fantastic! Hiking enthusiasts are known for their love of nature and adventure outdoors. Here are 6 awesome gift ideas you can get as a thinking enthusiast. 

A Roll Top Backpack 

Sturdy and stylish, a roll-top backpack is the perfect all-purpose bag for backpacking. There are plenty of different styles you can find online or at outdoor stores, but they usually have some common features. Roll-top backpacks are more durable than traditional drawstring packs because they make use of an internal aluminum frame to hold their shape. The roll-top bag style also makes it easy to compress the pack when empty, giving them an advantage over standard packs that tend to be bulkier. Your hiker can fit daily necessities in here like clothes, books, wallet, camera, etc. 

Heavy Duty Hiking Boots 

Heavy-duty hiking boots are different from regular walking shoes because they have thicker soles, tougher outer material, and extra heel support. These are all important factors because the hiker’s feet will be subject to heavy wear over many miles. Hiking boots are made for trekking through tough conditions, whether it be on mountains or trails. Also, remember that hikers usually want sizes that are 1-2 sizes bigger than what they normally wear. Check Stridewise to know more about boots and see boots reviews.

A Compass 

A compass can be one of the cheapest but most practical gifts you can get as a hiking enthusiast. This is because even though GPS systems have made compasses almost obsolete, they still have their place in certain situations. For example, cell phones are not reliable sources of navigation because they’ve been known to lose signals when behind hills or caves. They also run out of power quickly if they’re used frequently during the day. So if your hiker friend is doing anything that involves adventures through forests, mountains, or caves, they should have a compass with them. Here’s how to pick the right compass:

  • Look for a compass that is liquid-filled and has a mirror or sighting line. Liquid-filled compasses will be able to last longer because the movement of the liquid keeps it accurate.
  • Get one with a base plate because it will increase accuracy when taking readings.
  • Find one that is easy to use, either by having adjustable declination value or pre-printed maps on the dial face.

A Water Filter Straw 

Water filters can get really expensive, but this is a good alternative. The water filter straw has the same filtration abilities as pump-action systems without all the bulky equipment. These are great for backpackers because they weigh under 2 ounces and fit conveniently inside a pocket or purse. Here are tips for choosing the right one:

  • Be sure to choose a filter straw that is BPA-free and has at least 0.05-micron pores that ensure the water drink will be safe from viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.
  • Find one that offers 360-degree protection against bacteria and protozoa such as the Sawyer Select S3 Water Filter Straw because it has both an exterior hollow fiber barrier and a 0.1-micron pore inner hollow membrane, both of which make this product perfect for all outdoor activities including hiking, camping or climbing.
  • Be sure that the filter meets ANSI/NSF Standards 42 for chlorine, taste, odor, and sediment reduction.

A Hiking Journal

A hiking journal is a great gift idea if you want to make their outdoor experience more memorable. It can be used as a diary to record all the different adventures they went on, or it can be used as a scrapbook for collecting souvenirs like ticket stubs and photo prints. Journals that are made specifically for hikers usually include information such as how long it takes them to hike to certain destinations, what kind of plants/flora and fauna they pass by, and other little stickers and trinkets they find along the way. The benefit of having these stickers is that the hiker will appreciate nature even more after seeing all the little things that were so easily missed before.

A Portable Solar Charger

This gift idea is great for hikers who like to go long periods without charging their devices. A portable solar charger will allow them to charge up their gadgets while they’re camping in the great outdoors and waiting for campfires to die down so they can sleep. The benefit of using a solar charger is that it’s environmentally friendly since it’s powered by the sun, and its compact size makes it easy to carry around. There are two types of portable solar chargers on the market:

  • Foldable Solar Chargers – These typically have an output of 5 watts or more. They are good for charging phones, tablets, GPS devices, etc., however, some versions come with built-in batteries which may be better suited for large electronics such as laptops.
  • Rollable Solar Chargers – These typically have an output of fewer than 5 watts and are suited more for charging phones, tablets, and GPS units because larger electronics require higher wattage.

If you have a friend or family member who likes hiking, these great gift ideas are sure to give them something to look forward to. They’ll be able to stay connected while on the go and explore mother nature in a more meaningful way because of it.

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