6 Good Reasons To Start Using Solar Energy

There are numerous reasons to consider going solar. Some people do it for the money savings, some because they want to be more environmentally friendly, and some even go so far as to feel a moral obligation. Here are six good reasons you should start using solar energy today!

1. Solar Energy is a big money saver

Solar energy is a big money saver because the initial investment will likely be recouped (and then some) within 5-10 years, depending on how much you use. Companies like Shoalhaven Solar work with you to design the perfect system for you based on energy-saving goals you might have. This can help you lower your utility bills and save more cash for other things like vacations, retirement funds, or emergency cash. Savings can vary depending on where you live, but most homeowners see at least $100 in savings per month (more in areas with high electricity costs).

2. Solar Energy is great for the environment

By using solar energy instead of electricity generated by non-renewable sources like coal or oil, it’s estimated that around 6–17 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide are not released into the atmosphere each year (in the US). There are some concerns about solar panel efficiency and the environmental impact of the chemicals used to manufacture some solar panels, but this is something that can be reduced by using recycled materials. It has many benefits and there are many people using it all over the world.

3. Solar Energy has some serious health benefits

In addition to being non-polluting, many studies have shown that people who live within two miles of a solar farm have decreased rates of cancer and other diseases. The absence of coal or oil plants near homes may reduce asthma in children as well. These results are early, but encouraging.

4. Solar Energy is popular!

Many homeowners choose to go solar because they like the idea of supporting a growing industry and doing their part to combat climate change (no matter how small). And he or she is not alone. There was an 86% increase in solar installations from 2015-2016, so it’s clear that people want more solar energy. And with good reason! The US market for solar has grown by an astonishing 5oo percent since 2010 alone. Its popularity can be seen clearly on social media too; there are millions on Instagram using hashtags like #solar and #solarpower to show off their panels.

5. Solar Energy can be a huge asset to your neighborhood

In addition to the benefits of using solar energy around your home, there are several ways to spread the word about solar power in your neighborhood. A few examples include contacting local officials, starting a neighborhood Facebook group, or organizing an area-wide open house on solar energy. It’s easy to forget how much of an impact these small actions can have when you’re busy with work and family.

6. Solar Energy is good for businesses too!

Many people might not think of their local business as being affected by climate change or carbon emissions, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Around one-third of greenhouse gases are produced by commercial enterprises, so it makes sense to reduce electricity use at these facilities whenever possible (not just homes). Many business owners are finding that solar panels are a great way to save money on energy, improve the efficiency of their business, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Are solar panels hard to install?

No, however, you might need a professional to help. You can install solar panels yourself if you feel up for the challenge, but it’s a good idea to have an expert come in and make sure everything is going smoothly. That way, they’ll be able to educate you on how it all works! It’s also possible that your local municipality will require a permit or inspection before installation can begin. In most cases, there isn’t much of a wait time for permits from local authorities– around 2-4 weeks. For more information about this process, contact the company where you’re getting your equipment from. They will know what needs to be done! Their experts should be happy to answer any questions you might have about the permit process.

Is it worth it to buy solar panels when there are green energy credits available?

Yes, green energy credits are great, but they can often be difficult to get in your area. It’s important to know which green energy sources you need to use (or how much of what type of energy source). Solar panels make it possible for you to reduce the number of credits you need each year, and that means lower utility bills!

There are many good reasons to start using solar panels! They’re clean, they’re easy to maintain, they can save you money, and there are plenty of ways that homeowners can support this industry as well. Start reading more about solar power today, or look into financing for panels.

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