6 Essential Devices To Set Up A Minimalist Smart Home

Smart technology has continued to enjoy exponential growth and popularity in recent years. Nowadays, more and more homeowners decide to transform their homes into smart homes to improve the overall convenience and efficiency of the household. A smart home setup allows the homeowner to control appliances and devices in the house automatically from anywhere using networked devices such as a computer or a mobile phone. This not only makes it more convenient to control devices when needed but also saves time and energy as well.   

However, some homeowners who want to incorporate minimalism into their lifestyle may struggle to find a place for smart technology in their households. Some think that having a smart home requires many electronics and gadgets, which may not go well with a minimalistic theme. On the contrary, smart home systems can effectively support minimalist living provided that they limit their devices to only the essentials. After all, having to control too many gadgets to perform simple functions is counterproductive and goes against the goal of smart home technology, which is to make life simpler and more convenient at home.  

If you’re thinking about setting up a smart home system for you and your family, here are some of the essential devices you can start with:  

  1. Voice Controlled Speaker  

Having a voice-controlled speaker is one of the essentials in creating a smart home. This device will serve as the central hub from which other devices in the household can connect and receive a command. The most popular voice-controlled speakers are produced by tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple. As with any other tech product, there are pros and cons to each, so you’ll have to compare features and choose one according to your preferences carefully.   

  1. AV System  

You can control your smart home audiovisual (AV) system using the centralized hub speaker or through other devices. This would be an excellent option for a minimalist home as it allows you to reduce energy consumption by controlling the number of devices running at a given time and the duration that they can be used. Also, you can consult with the Home AV installer if there are parental control options that can be useful for households with younger children. This way, the parents can limit the screen time for their kids consistently and conveniently.   

  1. Lighting System  

Investing in smart bulbs is a cost-effective option for your home lighting. Though they generally cost more than regular light bulbs, they’re energy-efficient and come with a longer lifespan as well. They can also dim, brighten or change colors or use your mobile or voice command, making control more convenient. Additionally, you can further customize your smart lighting by setting timers for the lights to go on or off, which will help you save energy.   

  1. Temperature Regulation System  

Smart temperature systems automate the standard manual adjustments needed with regular appliances, so they can also be controlled using the centralized smart hub you’ve set up for your home. Moreso, some of the advanced designs allow the smart cooling or heating appliance to save data based on your temperature requirements and preferences which further automates the temperature regulation process. This will make it easier for you to conserve energy and minimize your daily carbon footprint.   

  1. Security Devices  

When it comes to smart home security devices, you can opt to invest in a complete system or a single device that you can install on your own or by a technician. Also, some devices may require you to do the monitoring yourself, while others allow you to pay a subscription fee for professional monitoring services. To maintain a minimalist style, you can opt for a simple and sleek design for the security cameras in a way that would go well with the other visual elements of your home.   

  1. Household Appliances  

Nowadays, almost every household device has smart options. This means that your fridge, coffee maker, slow cooker, washing machines, and even the vacuum cleaner can be smart devices that you can operate without having to push buttons or flip switches. How convenient doing household chores would be for you depends on how sophisticated each device is and what features are offered. Aside from their advanced features, you can opt for energy-efficient appliances with simple and subtle that won’t take too much space in keeping with the minimalist vibe you’re going for.   


Having a smart home makes life easier, more comfortable, and efficient. However, the added convenience comes with a risk of being targeted by cybercrime. Advanced hackers can steal and misuse a homeowner’s confidential information such as personal and financial details and even use the cameras and sensors to spy on a house’s occupants. As such, your family’s privacy and security could be at stake. This is why if you’ve decided to invest in setting up a smart home, you must also be ready to maintain and secure it. Many security companies are offering cyber protection solutions for smart homes, and it’s up to you to acquire the best one that could help you ensure your home’s safety.   

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