6 Easy Methods Of Increasing Natural Light In Your Home

Increasing natural light in your home should be one of your priorities as a homeowner as this can affect the ambiance of the space and the health of the household. By increasing your home’s exposure or access to natural lights, you can create a happier, sustainable, and more comfortable home. Natural lights can also ward off depression and improve sleep.  

You can enjoy countless benefits when you increase natural light in your home, but do you actually know how to accomplish this task? Are you aware of the strategies to increase natural light in your home? If you don’t have any answers to these questions, this article can help.  

Listed below are six easy methods of increasing natural light in your home: 

1. Install Skypod Roof Lanterns 

While some homeowners settle for small changes in their homes to increase natural light, others are willing to invest in renovation projects to achieve that goal. If you’re one of the latter, installing skypod roof lanterns can be a great option.  

Aside from increasing the natural light in your home, skypod roof lanterns, such as those from this link, add a sleek design to your home and improve energy efficiency. Having skypod roof lanterns also allows you to bask in the sun or moonlight and enjoy the view outdoors, especially if your home has an attic.  

2. Optimize Your Mirror Placement 

Mirrors are essential for every home because these allow the entire household to see themselves before they head out – but, do you know that mirrors can also affect the amount of natural light that enters your home? 

Optimizing your mirror placement is an expensive yet effective way of increasing natural light in your home. As long as you place your mirrors across your windows, you no longer have to worry about dark rooms ever again. Mirrors can bounce light from the outdoors and reflect them into your home.  

3. Invest In Shiny Surfaces 

As a homeowner, you need to invest in home decors to make your space more appealing and functional. Aside from choosing decors that complement the color of your home, make sure to consider how shiny their surfaces are. Just like mirrors, adding shiny objects can also increase the natural light in your home.  

You can start by adding shiny appliances to your kitchen or metallic shelves and tables in your living area. To take it up a notch, make sure to place these pieces in areas near windows so that these can reflect more light and make your spaces look brighter. 

4. Wash Your Windows Regularly 

Contrary to popular belief, increasing natural light in your home doesn’t always require you to spend money on home renovations or upgrades. More often than not, the key to achieving this goal is installed in your home, and you just need to exert time and effort to maximize its purpose.  

Another way to increase natural light in your home is to clean your windows regularly. This might seem obvious, but the cleaner your windows are, the more light your home gets. If the sun’s rays are filtered through years of grime and dust from your glass windows, don’t expect that your home will look as bright even during noon. 

When cleaning your windows, thoroughly go through both sides and avoid washing them during sunny days as this can leave water streaks. Make sure to use a damp cloth first and then finish the job by wiping your windows with dry paper towels.  

5. Pay Attention To Your Window Treatments 

Even if you’re going to pull them open every morning, using velvet drapes and any window treatments in dark colors won’t make your home look brighter. The material and color of your window treatments can actually affect the amount of light that enters your home, which is why you should be careful in picking.  

Ideally, you should only use light and airy curtains if you want to increase natural light in your home. The texture of these window treatments can improve the ambiance of your home as these allow more light to enter from the outdoors.  

6. Trim Your Trees 

Planting greeneries around your home can boost the value of your property, but neglecting their maintenance can also prevent you from enjoying natural light when you’re at home. Overgrown trees, vines, and shrubs can block the sun’s rays and prevent them from entering your home.  

If you think that your greeneries are why you’re getting lesser natural light at home, hire a tree trimming service right away. These companies can cut any light-blocking branches and trim shrubs without damaging these plants.  

Consider Factors 

There are many methods of increasing natural light in your home. Depending on the amount of light you need or want, you can try out one or two methods, or opt to follow every tip presented in this article.  Nonetheless, make sure that you consider your budget and the maintenance it’ll require from you when trying out the said methods. You won’t enjoy natural light in your home long-term if you choose a method that’s too expensive or challenging to maintain.  

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