6 Creative Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Neighbors

The holidays are a time for giving. For some, it can be stressful and lonesome. Maybe you want to spend the holidays with your neighbors. This guide shows you six creative ways to celebrate with them. Remember that gift-giving is not always necessary.

1. Host a Dinner

Spend time with the people you care about by hosting a dinner at your house. Offer to cook a ham or turkey while they can bring the sides and desserts. Or, you can host a potluck where everyone brings their favorite dish.

Keep each of your neighbors’ diet restrictions in mind. Get extra festive by putting on Christmas music and decorating your home. End the night by gathering around the fireplace and reading a Christmas story. You can also give your neighbors a goodie bag filled with candy or cocoa.

2. Sing Christmas Carols

What a great way to celebrate the holidays than to go caroling. It is a free and easy way to spend some holiday cheer. Invite your friends and family members to sing door-to-door. Sing Christmas classics like “Silent Night” or “O Holy Night.” Start or end the event with hot chocolate and cookies.

3. Give Out Cigars

The reason why cigars make the perfect Christmas gift is that they are extremely personal. It makes a statement. This is not the same as giving a gift card or cash.

Cigars show that you care about spending time with your neighbors. You can go the extra mile by giving them a gift set. Or, you can invite them to smoke cigars with you at your house.

4. Give To Others

Ask your neighbors to join you in giving back to your community or to those less fortunate. Maybe have them donate to a local food pantry, Toys for Tots, or another organization that helps families in need during the Christmas season.

This eliminates the pressure of everyone giving gifts. It also makes you feel good knowing that your hard-earned money went to someone in need.

5. Host a Cookie Exchange

Instead of dinner, you might want to host a cookie exchange. Invite neighbors who would be willing to participate in this challenge. Select a few different cookies to make, and after the cookie exchange, everyone will leave with new cookies to taste.

Maybe you can assign everyone to make their childhood favorites, or you can select a certain recipe to prevent duplicates. Everyone can vote on their favorite. They will go home with a new recipe and lasting memories.

6. Spend Time Without Gifts

Spend Christmas without the pressure of buying gifts. Graciously accept gifts that your neighbors give you. But if money is a concern, do not feel obligated to give a gift in return. A simple “thank you” will make their day.

You can even give them a festive “Thank You” card as a token of your appreciation. Remember that Christmas is about spending time with your friends and loved ones. Your real friends will still love you whether or not you give them a gift.

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