6 Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Look Great

Your room is a place where you have the freedom to show your creativity. Here you can explore your styles. Whether you want to create a rustic, relaxing, woodsy or chic vibe, your decoration helps your vision become a reality. Your bedroom is a place where you can relax away from the world, and you can read a good book in peace. It offers you to spend alone time because it is difficult when you have children or a large family. 

Consider your room more than just a sleeping area. It is a unique expression of your style. It contains things that you have selected for yourself. With little effort, you can make your bedroom more attractive. These inexpensive and easy ideas should be a good start.

1. Use Light Colors

Vibrant and bright colors seem like a great choice to make a bedroom a lively looking room. But color schemes can have a drastic effect on your ability to sleep. Choose soothing colors like white, green, muted blue and pastel. These colors are more likely to promote a peaceful atmosphere. 

2. Curtains

As any decorator will tell you that curtains make your room complete. Curtains are effective elements that can bring a dramatic change.  When it comes to window treatment, its fabric, length, lining, and color matters. When you select the color of your curtains, consider the amount of sunlight a room gets. It’s best to avoid bright colors if the room gets a lot of light. Use light color curtains in summers they reflect sunlight instead of absorbing heat. Use of curtains will lessen the need for air-conditioning and keep the room comfortable.

3. Don’t Ignore the Ceiling 

Don’t overlook the ceiling of your bedroom. Do you see a bland and blank surface when you lie in bed? Add soft color or subtle pattern to make it catchy. Paint the ceiling a lighter color than walls. It will help to give the feeling of intimacy and comfort. You can add architectural elements in the form of moldings, beams or use decorative paint to give it a perfect look.

4. Location of Your Bed

bedroom should look sophisticated and cozy regardless of what decorating style you choose. When you’re ready to buy furniture, start it with floor plan and a measured drawing of space. Furniture should fit the room. Don’t choose a large bed for a small room. 

A bed covers more space in your room. It should place first when considering a bedroom layout. In large bedrooms, put it in the corner for a dramatic look. In a small bedroom, place it against the wall opposite the door. Leave three feet distance between the side walls and bed to walk. 

5. Standard Quilt Sizes

After your bed, quilts and linens give a smooth look to your bedroom. If the bed linen or quilt’s size and the color are not attractive, it gives the dull and rough look to your room. Before buying quilts measure the size of your bed and also keep the texture of the room in mind. You can use different printed covers to make your bed quilt attractive but make sure it’s the right size. Here you can see all quilt sizes Australia and USA. 

6. Plenty of Storage

To add the calm feeling of a bedroom, store things out of sight. The room will appear more spacious and serene. 

  • Choose a bedside table to hide books and reading glasses; out of sight but within reach.
  • Use trunk at the foot of the bed to store pillows, extra sheets, and blankets.
  • For easily reachable accessories and books, use a headboard with sliding panels or shelves.
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