5 unique architectural home design ideas

Everyone wants their home to stand out while reflecting their personality and the great news is that there are some easy to install, architectural additions that you can opt for to add a little flair to your property. 

1. Metal outbuildings 

Need to create a home office space or a workshop on your property – but don’t have a spare room to renovate? Metal huts that can be assembled yourself are definitely a unique architectural solution. 

We’re big fans of these arch-shaped huts that some people have even turned into homes themselves! Add one to your garden for a space you can adapt to suit your needs and to make a statement in terms of architectural design. 

2. Exterior glass walls 

Why settle for windows when you can create a stunning feature with glass from floor to ceiling. Not only does this immediately create incredible, bright spaces but it’s a very on-trend feature in modern homes. Transform a balcony space into a modern glass feature, where you can place comfy seats and sit for morning coffee breaks. 

Through views are also providing popular, by placing doors or glass windows opposite each other in a room. You create a space that seamlessly connects with either side of the property, making it feel bigger and brighter at the same time. 

3. Ditch interior ‘walls’ 

While perhaps not quite an architectural design but more of a clever way of avoiding having a construction crew in your home. Adopt the idea of broken plan living. 

This means moving away from those open-plan living spaces and breaking up larger rooms with everything from bookcases, to partition screens to fireplaces. It’s an easy way of dividing up space, creating cozy nooks that can be enjoyed, and subverting the popularity of typical modern living spaces. 

4. Second floor garages 

Are you limited when it comes to driveway space or maybe you’re street restricts residential parking? In that case, incorporate practicality and architectural design with a second floor garage. 

Car elevators are rising in popularity in new build complexes, so if you’re designing and planning your own home then consider incorporating this unique architectural design to save space outside and give your property that wow factor.

5. Archways 

Once a late 90s staple in many homes, archways are making a comeback in a big way as we start to move away from the once opted for open plan space. We want homes to feel comfortable again while also embracing elegant architecture. 

But it’s not just entranceways that will enjoy this arched approach. It’s a trend that started in 2020 – that actually saw a rise in popularity in painted arches inside the home – that’s branched out to architectural design. Curved mirrors, windows and doorways all have a part to play in incorporating this home design idea – you’re not limited to that interior space. 

Planning some renovations or simply need some inspiration? Consider these unique architectural design ideas and feature them in your living space. 

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