5 types of interior design styles where you can feature the Eileen Gray Daybed

The Eileen Gray Daybed may be an invention of the early 20thcentury, but it has become quite a timeless masterpiece over the course of several decades. Its innovative and comfortable design is universally beloved and offers a visual and pragmatic versatility that allows it to be featured in a number of interior design settings. Further, we’ll be looking at 5 such interior designs where this daybed can be featured in all its large-scale glory:

The rustic style

The rustic style (above) is the epitome of warm and cozy. It is comprised of warm tones and natural textures such as wood and stone. So, you might be wondering how a modern masterpiece like the Eileen Gray Daybed can be emulated in such an organic ambiance. Well, if you take a look at this image, you’ll see how the selected upholstery of this daybed can be easily merged with the rustic backdrop and deliver a fantastic end result. The chrome-plated parts make for beautiful accents while the earthiness of the brown upholstery sets a great mood for the overall rustic ambiance. 

The neo-classical style

The neo-classical style is a chic blend of a modern backdrop with a classical foreground. It may not be the most conventional choice to feature your Eileen Gray Daybed in, but it does give some very striking results. Just take a look at this image: the daybed looks amazing against the stark contrast of white wainscoted walls and gorgeous water-inspired artwork.

The modern style

If Zen is the kind of ambiance that you want to surround your Eileen Gray Daybed with, then going for a modern style interior design is a great idea. As you can see in this image, the sleek lines, a semi-natural atmosphere, and an emphasis on sophistication makes this kind of an environment perfect for featuring the classy Eileen Gray Daybed in. You can definitely reconstruct such an ambiance in your own homes as well.

The industrial chic style

The chic outlook of the industrial style comes forth in concrete textures, distressed finishes, a shabby-chic periphery, and an emphasis on sleek and stylish furniture. This is why the Eileen Gray Daybed would be a great addition to such a home interior design theme. If you look at this image, you’ll immediately see how the unfettered elegance and grace of this daybed contrasts and complements the distressed industrial themed backdrop.

The contemporary style

The best part about the contemporary style is that it works by no hard and fast rules. It doesn’t have any set parameters – it simply consists of an amalgam of all the popular trends at any given time and presents them in the most coherent fashion possible. So it’s definitely a testament to the timelessness of the Eileen Gray Daybed that it can hold its own in a contemporary style interior design as featured in this image. Its large body can make an excellent centerpiece around which you can concoct and abstract interior design of your preferred themes.

So, here are the top 5 interior design styles where the Eileen Gray Daybed can make its iconic splash. We hope that some of these ideas can help you get a better bearing of what kind of a theme you can immerse this daybed in.

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