5 Types of Ecommerce Shoppers and What They Want from Your Furniture Store

If all customers had the same priorities, racking up conversions would be simple. However, just as different people have different personalities, shoppers come with varying goals and mindsets. If you’re going to do well as an online furniture retailer, you’ll need to be aware of the five types of ecommerce shoppers and what they want from your furniture store. Here’s how to appeal to each one.

Value Consciousness

These people shop around looking for the best deal. However, be careful to avoid confusing price with value. While a lower price often represents a good value, a good value isn’t automatically the lowest price. When you’re working with a customer in this mindset, demonstrate the value of the piece they’re considering. Focus on what makes it worth the money by playing up the benefits of the product in your descriptions. Offer package deals with complementary items, like bundling end tables with lamps at a more favorable price point, for example.

On the Cutting Edge

This shopper is looking to feel they’re on the “verge,” which makes them a wonderful customer to have. They have no qualms about paying more to be the first to acquire an item. You want them on your newsletter list, so you can alert them immediately when innovative new furnishings arrive. Give them reasons to register on your site such as free gifts, discounts and membership in your “ahead of the game” club. Pay close attention to their past purchases. When something they bought is superseded, let them know right away.

Quality Over All

Information is key to getting this shopper to convert. They’re going to shop around until they find their key point of assurance, because their primary worry is making a bad purchase decision. Arm them with the information they need to feel good about buying from you.

When you’re considering how to start a furniture store online, offer product comparisons and video overviews while giving shoppers the ability to compare other furniture with yours—all on your site. If you can engage them and inform them your chances of converting them are greater.

Got to Have It Now

Their research is done, and their decision is made. This buyer is now looking to get it as soon as possible. Do everything you can to emphasize convenience. Obstacles will send them in search of a simpler process. Load times must be quick, forms have to be simple and logical and your checkout process has to be glitch free. Inline validation is key, so they won’t get impatient if they have to correct a form into which they entered erroneous information. Offering guest checkout is also critical, as this shopper usually isn’t considering becoming a repeat customer—they just want to buy what they’re after and go.

Treat Me Right

Consumers in this category are all about the experience. They want to feel part of an exclusive group. They derive their status from the brands they buy and the perks they earn. Membership means a lot to these people, so give them an exclusive group to which they can belong. Loyalty programs go over big with this customer. Tiered programs do even better, because they infer elevated status above “regular” shoppers. Customer service and fulfillment have to be top drawer to hold on to this customer.

You may have noticed the overlap between the five types of ecommerce shoppers and what they want from your furniture store. If you incorporate all of these elements into your operations, each type will benefit from the procedures you put in place for the others and your sales will grow.

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