5 tricks and improvements that you surely want immediately in your home

Since I finally managed to move to a new house, I have learned many things, not only about my own home but also about myself as a person. Before entering our house, my girlfriend and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment.

It was a pretty basic apartment and I did not have any comfort, so when we started the search for the new house, it was then that I began to realize how important certain things are to me – how to have a double sink in the kitchen or a second bathroom.

Even though we managed to survive four years in our small apartment, becoming owners definitely changed our lives for the better. We may not have the most elegant house in the world with a deck, but it is certainly an improvement from where we started.

Another thing that I have noticed in our house during the last months are all the improvements that we have been adding. For example, our kitchen has an amazing set of drawers of pots deep enough and great that I have fallen in love with. We also have a large wall cupboard in our master bathroom. Although these characteristics may not seem special to some, I personally do not know what I would do without them, and I think we all have certain things like that in our homes.

Even though I am totally happy with the new house, I love seeing improvements that other people have added to their homes. It is always interesting to find a new product that comes to mind or has the ability to make your life a little easier.

1.Compartment for sponges

Have you ever been in a house that has a set of fake drawers between the kitchen sink and the cabinets under it? I think that its main objective is strictly aesthetic, but for me, it has always seemed like a wasted storage opportunity! That’s why I love that someone found a practical way to use them:

2. Storage for kitchenware

I can relate personally to this common kitchen problem. I have a drawer that fills up to the brim with utensils. Even after the last cleaning, it’s still too full for my taste, and the only reason I can not get rid of it is that I use it all! Having a storage solution, like this one, is a great idea.

3. Camouflaged plug

This is an improvement example that you do not think you need, but once you discover it, you are amazed to have been able to live without it.

4. Spice drawer

Having a crate of spices at your fingertips while you’re cooking is the dream of every food lover come true!

5. Hole to throw what is left over when cutting

Once again, this is a feature of the kitchen that I need to get. Not only do you have instant access to your garbage bin, but it is removable, so you can clean it whenever necessary. I love this idea!

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