5 Tips For Senior Travel

As the country reopens, pent-up demand for travel has exploded into life. After months and months where travel was restricted, many people have a yearning to get out and explore the great unknown or to reconnect with places filled with old memories. It’s important to remember that older adults, that is, adults over the age of 50, should take special precautions to ensure that their travels are safe. Older adults are a very important demographic in the travel industry. It’s hard to imagine, for instance, cruise ships without older adults. They have the savings and the time to travel extensively. The Census Bureau estimates that there are approximately 52 million people aged 65 and older. This cohort of older adults are worth around $1.6 trillion. No demographic comes close to them in spending on travel.

Weigh the Risks

The global health crisis taught us a valuable lesson about risk: situations can evolve very quickly. Before you make a booking, you have to weigh the risk of travel against the benefits. You need to understand the Covid-19 situation in that part of the world you;re travelling to. The State Department provides a travel advisory for each country in the world, so if you;re travelling internationally, consult it before making a decision. Considering the comorbidities that older adults are inclined to have, their risk of hospitalization and death as a result of Covid-19, are much higher than the rest of the population. If you are travelling to the European Union, you may need a vaccine passport, which is an immunization record that is required by member countries in order for you to travel.

Use Services Tailored to the Needs of Older Adults

Older adults have special needs and because of this, you should seek travel services that meet those needs. These needs include travel assistance from the gate to baggage areas, early boarding. Many travel services not only meet the needs of older adults, they come with perks for them, such as senior discounts.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential for older adults. Why is it important, and what does travel insurance cover? Not only are older adults more prone to falling or even getting sick, but the consequences of this are also greater for them. An older adult may even need to interrupt a trip to get medication. In the event that something awful happens during a trip, travel insurance will cover any financial loss incurred by older travellers.

Don’t Advertise Your Trip

In an age of social media, turning our lives outward to the world has become institictive, even for older adults. Yet, the risk of this is that thieves become aware of your absence from home and are emboldened to rob it. It’s not just Kim Kardashian who needs to worry about what they put on social media. If possible, get a neighbour to pick up your mail while you’re gone. Set your home’s lighters on a timer so that any potential robbers think you’re in.

Give Loved Ones Your Itinerary

Not only should you keep your family members apprised of where you’re going and when, you should also keep your phone on you. This is so that if anything happens, your family knows where you are. After the joys of your travel, you can return to the sanctuary that is Skylark Senior Care and tell everyone about your travels!

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