5 Tips for Redoing Your Living Room

A lot happens in your living room—in fact, it’s often the most-used room in the home. Whether you use the space for movie nights, working from home, or spending quality time with your family, it’s important to feel comfortable and at ease. If you’re looking to take on a project your future self will thank you for, a living room redo is a great place to start. 

Read on for our top five tips for redoing your living room.

#1 Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Just like any great masterpiece, your living room needs to start with a blank (or at least decluttered) canvas. 

Spend some time tackling clutter. Not only will it make future projects easier, but it will also help you visualize the final product. It’s hard to put a design plan together when your space is already full—that would be like Picasso painting The Weeping Woman on top of an old pizza box. Purging unnecessary items will allow you to see the elegance and simplicity of your space

#2 Start from the Ground Up—Literally 

Carpeting used to be the standard for living rooms across the country, but modern trends now include a variety of flooring options. Consider pulling up your carpet and embracing hardwood floors for a chic, updated look—plus, you’ll never worry about a spilled glass of red wine ever again. 

Since living rooms tend to be high-traffic areas, you’ll want to protect your floors with epoxy resin flooring and stylish area rugs—it all comes back to those hygge accents!  

#3 Focus on Comfort 

When it comes to your living room, nothing matters more than comfort. If you’re unfamiliar with the Danish word hygge—embracing the essence of coziness—then now’s the perfect time to make the introduction.  

Hygge is a great concept to keep in mind as you transform your living room into the space of your dreams. At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to come home to is a cold, uninviting space. With a few hygge elements, you’ll be so comfy cozy, you might never want to leave—is that really such a bad problem to have these days? 

Add a few touches of comfort with:

  • Throw blankets
  • Scented candles
  • Area rugs
  • Decorative pillows in soft, plush fabrics

Add a fun seasonal twist to these essential items by swapping them out as the seasons change. 

#4 Create a Cohesive Color Scheme

If you’re like us, your living room has a lot going on. From couches to ottomans to loveseats (oh my!), it’s easy for your home to start looking more like a patchwork quilt than a luxurious duvet cover. Choosing a cohesive color scheme before you begin any projects will help you find (and maintain) a vision for your space.

You don’t have to start from scratch as you put together your color palette. Using pieces you already own as the foundation for your new overall aesthetic will allow you to build the room you want without going into debt over a sectional couch or matching loveseat.

Bonus Tip: Don’t limit yourself! The color scheme you decide on is only a framework. You can always add small pops of other colors for some added visual interest. This is easily done with throw pillows, artwork, and small decorative accents and knick-knacks.

#5 Incorporate Personal Touches

As we pointed out earlier, your living room is the central hub of your home, so you want this frequently-used space to reflect the rich life you’ve created for yourself. Add family photos, souvenirs from your favorite vacations, or antique heirlooms to put a personalized twist on an otherwise gorgeous room. 

Consider incorporating design elements like a gallery wall to truly showcase your treasured items—it’s yourliving room, after all, not some impersonal showroom display. Even if you’re going for a minimal style, a few elements of personalization are essential to make every room in your house feel like home.

You’ll Love Your New Living Room 

We know creating the perfect living room requires time, money, and a little elbow grease, but we promise your hard work will pay off. 

After a long day, there’s nothing better than spending a relaxing evening on the couch under a warm blanket—especially when you picked it out yourself!

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