5 Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement in Alexandria, VA

Located around 7 miles from downtown Washington, DC, Alexandria is the 7th biggest and highest-income independent city in Virginia. If you live in Alexandria, even a small leakage in your roofing may prove to be a potential threat to your structure and may become a big hassle when it rains. 

While several factors may cause roof cracks and leakages, it is wise to call roofing contractors Alexandria VA and let them suggest whether your roof needs replacement or not. Look for these five easy-to-spot signs that indicate your roof needs replacement and you need to call in experts.

1. Deteriorating Roof Shingles

While removing leaves, pollen, and twigs from your gutters, keep looking at the shingle granules too. Since shingles are the most exposed parts of your roofing, they tend to weaken with time. Over age, they shed granules that you may find in the gutters. More granules than usually indicate deteriorating roof shingles.

Shingles may also buckle or curl due to hot summers which is common in Alexandria during May to September. Besides, shingles may break off due to ice and high winds, due to which it is wise to install the new roof before the start of winters in Alexandria.

Therefore it’s recommended to get a roof inspection during spring and fall to be prepared for the adversities of extreme temperatures that can lead to wear and tear of your roof shingles.

Missing shingles is another issue that can cause bald spots in your roofing. Snowmelt and rainwater may seep inside your home through these spots, causing water damage in your structure. Excessive moisture in your roofing may also lead to rotting of wood, thereby creating a perfect mould and mildew growth condition.

2. Sagging Roof

If you notice sag in your roof, there is some problem. Dips and valleys in the roof are signs of snow and rainwater collecting in them, causing severe roofing damage. A sagging roof may also indicate more severe damage to the structure, especially in the attic decking and foundation supports. 

If you leave the sagging roof unattended, the ceiling may fall on you one day and cause potentially severe threat. Get it inspected right away and get it repaired locally by an Alexandria roofing contractor before it spreads.

3. Light Seeping Through the Boards

Have you climbed your roof lately? Did you notice a spongy or bouncy feel to it? If yes, then it may indicate weakened decking due to excessive moisture. Go to your attic, look up at the ceiling boards, and see any daylight seeping through. If daylight is entering through your roof boards, it definitely has a problem. 

Alexandria, VA gets 43 inches of rain, on average, per year. Therefore right after a heavy storm has passed in Alexandria, it may be best to get your roof inspected to detect any problems before they take over and lead to extensive roof repair.

Call in a roofing contractor in Alexandria, VA, right away and let them inspect your roofing structure. There might be some serious repair or maintenance job to be done, or your roofing needs a complete replacement.

4. Leaks

One obvious sign that your roofing needs replacement is water leaking inside your house. Check the attic regularly, particularly after rainstorms. If you can see ice dams along the eaves, there is a problem that needs fixing. 

Alexandria gets an average of 14 inches of snow per year, therefore chances of moisture accumulation in your roofs are high. Watch out for signs of moisture, because most of the leaks start from this area only. However, remember that water may travel distances inside walls, across beams, and other areas where it finally shows itself. 

When snow on your roof melts, the water runs down through the slope, reaches the eaves, and freezes there, thereby creating ice dams. As more and more water collects and adds to the ice dams, it runs up under the roofing shingles and penetrates the roof deck, thereby creating potential damage. 

If so many shingles are blown off and flashing has become loose, it may be time for a roof replacement. Call roofing contractors in Alexandria, VA to inspect the condition of your roofing and suggest the best possible solution.

5. Mould and Mildew 

Growth of mould or mildew on your ceiling is indicative of a leaky roof, probably caused by condensation or a plumbing issue. You may prevent these issues by ensuring that your home’s insulation is completely dry, there is adequate ventilation, and there is no leakage or sweating in your plumbing lines and bathroom fixtures. 

Mould and mildew not only create ugly stains in your interiors but also adversely affect your health and air quality. Preventing mould and mildew from forming is much easier and cheaper than having your roof replaced. However, if the issue has gone beyond repair, call in a roofing contractor in Alexandria, VA, and resolve it as soon as possible.

All the above signs indicate that your roof needs replacement. Call roofing contractors in Alexandria, VA immediately, let them inspect your roofing and determine if it needs replacement. The sooner you start the action, the safer your structure would be.

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